A dominatrix who performed “reception duties” for a prostitute working out of a Dunfermline flat has been fined £500.

Elana Angulo (51), who claimed her work as a dominatrix was a “a trade of humiliation” that did not provide sexual services, was found guilty of, on 12th June last year, knowingly permitting a flat at 57d Priory Lane to be used as a brothel or for the purposes of habitual prostitution.

Angulo, 82f2 Ritchie Place, Edinburgh, was also convicted of, on the same date and address, for the purpose of gain, exercising control, direction or influence over the movements of a prostitute, namely Louise Thomas, and directing her in such a manner to aid and abet or compel her prostitution, in that she did knowingly permit her to carry out sexual favours for money and then profit from the payments made for the same.

Sheriff Ian Dunbar had previously heard Ms Thomas, St. Triduanas Rest, Edinburgh, admit to working as a prostitute at the flat where she would provide sexual favours to men for between £10 and £50.

Ms Thomas admitted she would pay Angulo a small amount of money for the rental of the room at Priory Lane and that she would use whatever money she earned from providing sex and a massage to clients to pay her bills.

An advert would be placed in a national newspaper in the same section as “saunas, massage parlours and flats” and a mobile phone was kept in the flat.

Ms Thomas said, “Ms Angulo would be there too and she would answer the phone. She would give my description, tell whoever called where the flat was and when they planned to come to the flat. She would then let me know when people were coming.” She claimed that she was keeping Angulo company on the day in question when police raided the flat to discover the two women working there.

Angulo had claimed that, after losing her job four years ago, she found it difficult to get into employment and decided to go into business for herself.

In a video-taped interview of the accused being interviewed by police officers, she claimed she worked as a dominatrix, which she described as “a trade of humiliation.” She said customers liked to be struck with a belt, receive a hard slap or be dressed up, but that she never performed sex with them, and that she would get paid between £20 and £60 for her services.

PC Aaron Chadha confirmed that various items found at the flat included a leather whip, leather dress, belt, lingerie and more than £100.

At Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Tuesday, Angulo’s solicitor Lindsay Tolland said her client had decided to start work at the flat to stop being exploited by men after a previous experience in the sex industry. She claimed that, due to being charged, her client would no longer work in the sex industry.

In passing sentence, Sheriff Dunbar said, “I am quite satisfied that the premises were habitually used for prostitution, you were aware what Ms Thomas was doing and profited financially.

“I do accept that you were not involved in compelling anyone to become involved in this, but the fact is you provided accommodation for these acts, placed adverts and provided reception duties at the flat.”