A MAN has been arrested after a raid in Kingseat uncovered illegal drugs worth £1165.

The incident happened on Wednesday with officers from Benarty and Cardenden Police Stations carrying out the high-visibility raid.

Now Cowdenbeath area police are promising to target a dealer EVERY WEEK in a bid to reduce drug availability on the street.

Kelty Community Officer PC Barry Tillier said, "Operations in respect of misuse of drugs are ongoing within the entire Cowdenbeath area and I am pleased to report that we are making further progress in the fight to rid our streets of illegal drugs." Cowdenbeath Area Chief Inspector Ross Bennet added, "This operation is further evidence of our local commitment to our wider community engagement priorities, to target a drugs dealer every week and also that we are effectively tackling directly those persons involved in the sale or supply of illegal substances in the Cowdenbeath area."