A YOUTUBE music video poking fun at Aberdour has received more than 2000 hits.

'Aberdour City Limits' mocks the idea of letting residents use speed guns to slow traffic.

It uses a version of the 1973 Tina Turner track 'Nutbush City Limits' with new lyrics, describing those promoting the idea as "nutjobs".

A man disguised in a poncho and hat - El Mano the shy guitarist - plays in various locations across the village.

Part of the song has a posh voice saying, "Hello driver, do you realise you were speeding in a middle class area?

"Under the Aberdour further powers act you will have your name put in the post office window.

"You will also be banned from the sensory garden and forced to watch a game of shinty."

The tongue-in-cheek track was made following a pilot project that will see some residents trained by police to use speed guns next year.

The video was uploaded by 'Olduncletomcobbly' who wrote that the video was "a response to the insane idea of letting residents of sleepy little Aberdour, (where dog pooing is the No 1 crime) point a speed gun at drivers".

He added, "Living in Aberdour you find a wealth of people that are 'up themselves'...the village motto is, 'no before you ask'.

"This video is dedicated to all those that want Aberdour to become a middle-class cemetery and for the amusement of those of us that want to be ALIVE in Aberdour."

The Press revealed in October that the Speedwatch pilot, a collaboration between Fife Constabulary and Aberdour Community Council, was to begin in the new year.

Volunteers from the area will use the radar guns at sites throughout the village.

But far from being vehicle vigilantes, they will not have the power to get anyone charged - only warning letters will be issued to speeding motorists.

Arthur Lloyd, chair of Aberdour Community Council, told the Press the video "was not worthy of a comment".

He added, "We're hoping to get training started in the early part of next year.

"Names have been submitted to the police and those selected will receive training early next year."

*** View the video on YouTube by searching 'Aberdour City Limits'