DUNFERMLINE Athletic have paid some of the �81,000 owed to HMRC and are "confident" they'll have settled all their tax bills by the end of the year.

Sums of �50,000 and �31,000 are due to the taxman today and Wednesday respectively and the club confirmed a part payment has been made.

A spokesperson said, "DAFC has made significant contributions to arrears over the past few months. "This is despite having had only five of our 18 home league games so far this season in which to generate income. "The club's cash flow situation recovers at the end of the year as a result of two festive derbies on 26th December and 2nd January. "We are therefore wholly confident that all HMRC arrears will be up to date by the end of December as was the original plan.

"We would like to thank DAFC players, staff and supporters groups who continue to back the club.

"The supporters clubs are pulling together to generate, quick, fundraising activities to support us through this short period."