SPEED bumps will be installed on Greenshank Drive and Aberdour Road in Dunfermline.

The City of Dunfermline area committee has agreed that the traffic-calming measures should go ahead and that objections to the proposals should be put aside in the interest of road safety.

Objectors had raised concerns that "money for roads etc should first be used to maintain them" and that introducing speed humps on roads "make them less safe".

However, council engineers reported, "Fife Council have a legal duty to undertake measures to improve safety for road users.

"One serious injury accident can result in a cost of around �185,000 whilst one fatal can cost �1.64million "Therefore funding local safety initiatives is value for money and this type of initiative has been proven to improve safety, particularly that of pedestrians.

"Research into traffic-calming has proven that such measures have a positive impact on road safety for both drivers and pedestrians/cyclists." In October last year, the Press reported how parents were demanding urgent action over an accident blackspot next to Masterton Primary School, with a local councillor saying traffic-calming measures were essential to prevent further collisions.

A total of �20,000 has been budgeted for the speed tables and signage.