The Dunfermline politicians issued a joint statement after pupils, parents and staff found out today that their battle to save the school from closure has failed.

Ms Hilton said, “I am shocked and deeply disappointed that the Scottish Government have made this decision. My heart goes out to all of the pupils, parents and staff at Pitcorthie Primary School who will be shattered by this news.

"I will continue to support the local community in any way I can and I would encourage any residents affected by this news to contact myself and Thomas for assistance.” She said that after the SNP Government forced parents to wait until after the referendum to learn the fate of the school, the case for keeping it open remained so strong that parents and children continued to hold high hopes that it would be saved.

Mr Docherty said, “This is a disgraceful decision that the Scottish Government have made. I am especially unhappy that they have made the parents wait for such a long period of time before making this announcement.

"This a betrayal for local families who were promised by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon that their school would not shut.”