ATTEMPTS to regenerate Dunfermline High Street have received another boost as three flats have been developed for sale.

Builders S Ewing & Sons have purchased the flat space above Greggs and have now listed the properties hoping to attract buyers.

The idea for the flats is to attract more people to live in the town centre and spend their money within it in order to counteract increases in online spending as well as shops moving to the outskirts of town.

Kevin O’Reilly, commercial manager at S Ewing & Sons, is hoping these flats are the first of many with further potential properties for development already identified.

He said: “It can only be a good thing to have more people in the High Street and spending their money in the area.

"We’re also looking at other buildings in the area and we have made a bid for the space above Betfred, as that’s a similar size of property, and should help the development of the High Street when sold to wealthy buyers.”

Neil Mackie, centre manager of the Kingsgate Centre and vice-chairman of Dunfermline Delivers, believes the residential flats will be a boost to Dunfermline and he is keen to see the town modernising and moving with current trends.

He said: “In regard to the promotion of residential flats within Dunfermline High Street, I am really encouraged by this move. High streets are the traditional heart of town centre communities and it is fantastic to see moves to rejuvenate this.

“The great thing about this is that not only will there be an increasing benefit to town centre businesses, this actually also enhances the appeal to new town centre residents. 

“By their nature, town centres have to morph with the times and the demands of users. I am really heartened to see Dunfermline moving back to a town centre community where residents and businesses can gain mutual benefit.”