BANKERS went back to school and opened up their books this week at King's Road Primary School in Rosyth.

Staff from Lloyds Banking Group in Dunfermline have been giving up their time to help kids with a gift that will last a life time.

They're spending an hour a week with pupils across West Fife, mentoring and reading with them, and stopped by Rosyth on Tuesday.

A spokesperson said: "I read with two children every Tuesday and I find it brightens my week.

"It's a great initiative and makes a difference to these children, giving them one-to-one time that they really look forward to.

"You can see them grow with confidence in their reading and the teachers really appreciate our help."

Lloyds currently have 24 employees supporting two schools in West Fife, including Kings Road.

The reading partner scheme is helping to raise attainment for reading in pupils.

Initially the scheme was only meant to run for one term but after the impact it was having, it has now been extended for the academic year.

The business has vowed to help households and communities thrive with the launch of its 'Helping Britain Prosper' plan.

In the last year £85 million has been invested into UK communities.

Lloyds Banking Group also runs another initiative alongside the reading partnership, supporting local high schools with 'Money Matters'.

The programme is helping to engage and inform young people in regards to how their money can benefit them now and in the future.

The interactive sessions go into detail about how to budget, save and borrow successfully.