A DUNFERMLINE boy has become a dancing maestro in just a year despite cruel bullying from his peers. 

Jay Robertson, eight, has quickly made his way through top competitions to become a UK freestyle champion. 

His acrobatic moves have even landed him a a top sponsorship with a dance wear company. 

Mum Jennie Smith told the Press: “I was encouraged by friends to get Jay signed up for classes at Starlet dance studio back in November 2015 because they could see that he loved gymnastics. 

“He had never danced before but his teacher Sharron Maxwell saw something in him right away and asked me to enter him into competitions all over the UK.

“He’s already been to some iconic places, including Blackpool Ballroom, where he made it to the semi-finals beating thousands.”

Jay went quickly through five categories of dancers to get to the highest selection he can get in just a year, as under-12 champion, winning more than 50 trophies. 

But it hasn’t been easy despite the success. 

Jennie continued: “He has been called gay at school but we did have one little boy come to our front door and apologise to him. 

“However, it is a concern for me that the bullying could continue, especially as he gets older. 

“He enjoys dancing so much though so I can’t see him giving it up. 

“Everyone should know that it isn’t a bad thing for boys to dance!”

Costumes for freestyle dancing can cost £750 and upwards and it is extremely hard to get sponsorship.

“It’s a very big achievement for Jay to get sponsorship in just a year of dancing, the company dress 80-90 per cent of freestyle dancers,” Jennie said.