A DUNFERMLINE childminder has stamped her disapproval on the relocated town centre Post Office.

At the beginning of this month, the main Crown Post Office moved from its previous home on Queen Anne Street into the basement at WH Smiths on the High Street.

Needing to post a parcel and purchase some foreign currency, Shirley Brogan attempted to carry out her business at the new location on Monday morning.

However, she was left fuming after she was unable to do so as there was no way of getting to the basement premises with the double buggy she was pushing.

“You can get in the main doors then have to go to the back of the shop and use the lift,” explained Shirley. “This is narrow and you can’t get in it with a double buggy.

“There are going to be lots of mums affected. Sometimes you have to go to the post office. It is one of the main services in town.”

After dismissing suggestions of carrying the large buggy with two children in it down the stairs or having a staff member do her business on her behalf, Shirley was told she could use Abbeyview or Townhill post offices.

“Most of the time, I have a double buggy and a walking child so I can’t walk away to Abbeyview or Townhill.

"I live at Park Avenue and the walk there and back is enough. They can’t go any further. It is ridiculous.” 

Shirley said in the past, she has used a visit to the old post office as an educational experience for the children she child-minds, however, fears she will not be able to do this again.

“It needs to be accessible,” she added. “They closed one down that was perfect and now we have been offered this one.”

A Post Office spokesperson said access to their service was very important. 

“Alternative arrangements can normally be made for customers at a ground floor counter if, for any reason, lifts cannot be used,” he said.

“This can’t be applied for a very small number of high value services and we are sorry if the customer was inconvenienced by this.

“In designing the new branch, we have worked to make sure that it complies with relevant legislation.

"The lift carries up to eight people and can accommodate wheelchairs but the vast majority of services can be made available on the ground floor if the lift cannot be used.”