A DUNFERMLINE metal and hardcore outfit are hoping their EP launch on Friday will find its way into the history books. 

Archives have compiled their debut EP, Better Days, consisting of in-your-face political charges and pieces tightly focused on the themes of self-reflection and war, and will broadcast their fine-tuned new sound in PJ Molloys. 

For Steven Ness, the band’s lead vocalist, PJ’s is familiar territory, having worked his way up to a managerial role in his six-year stay in the live music venue. 

Working with meticulous engineers pushing intently for the best possible output, Steven and his fellow band members Thomas Davies (guitar/vocals), Kyle Duncan (guitar), Robbie McIntosh (bass) and Steven Barr (drums), were all delighted with the end product which was released yesterday (Friday).

The four-track release comprises Demons, Reprieve, Mindset and the title track, Better Days, and Steven told Press:ON: “Mindset was the first song that we wrote and as it was one of our most popular ones, we re-recorded that for the EP. 

“In our original set, some of the songs were slightly contrasting in style compared to our newer stuff which has a much more focused sound. These songs feel and sound like they’re coming from the same band now. Our old stuff could have been from two different ones, to be honest. 

“Demons was written about confronting what’s inside of you as well as an insight into how your inner demons can really mess with your head. In terms of concept, Reprieve really looks at the state of the world, as it’s not in a great state right now! Mindset is very political and anti-war and Better Days is a concept drawn from personal experiences that deals with the realisation of mistakes and learning from them and moving forward in a positive direction. 

“In terms of style, we see ourselves as a melodic hardcore band. We’re an energetic band, with energetic riffs and heavy drops and beat downs. That’s who we are. We’re a bunch of lads who love writing heavy melodic music.”

The intensity that comes with the delivery of such rasping screams can often lead to vocal burnout over time but Steven is feeling no effects to date. 

“I’ve been doing it long enough now that I’ve just become used to it,” he says. “When you first start out you’ll do it for about 20 minutes, in fact not even that, maybe just a couple songs, and you will really feel the effects! We did four dates in a row recently and it was completely fine after it. It must just get used to the beating it takes!”

Better Days is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

The gig is £5 entry with tickets available from all band members as well as via www.ticketweb.co.uk or in PJ’s.