A DETERMINED Dunfermline girl is hoping West Fifers can fund a trip to Florida to help her battle a crippling disease. 

Nine-year-old Keira Turner has been over the pond three times already for intensive therapy treatments that improve her mobility but the trip costs £15,000.

The Calaiswood School pupil has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy which means she has little control over her limbs.

Mum Debbie Turner told the Press: “Keira is the happiest little girl you could ever meet. She just wants to learn new things and doesn’t stop. 

“Her cognitive development is fine so it’s like she’s trapped in her own body. It must be very frustrating for her, she’s like a little Stephen Hawking. 

“There are few provisions for her in the UK and we have seen her make leaps and bounds every time she’s been to Florida, so it’s the most effective treatment.

“The last time we went, she managed to walk 150 steps on the treadmill with a neck collar but by the end of the three weeks, she could walk 300 without an aid. It was fantastic to see!”

Keira’s condition is the effect of a difficult labour that saw her starved of oxygen. The Florida rehabilitation centre provides four hours of therapy a day over three weeks but spaces there are like gold dust. 

Through the fantastic support of The Mary Leishman Fund, Keira’s family have already been able to pay a £1,000 deposit for a place in America. However, to raise enough money for the rest of the trip they are hoping generous readers can take part in an event at Adventure Golf Island this Sunday. For every person playing crazy golf, the company have agreed to give half the entry fee toward Keira’s trip. 

Debbie continued: “I would do anything to raise money for my little girl. I’ve shaved my head before and now I’m doing an abseil in June which I’m quite scared about!

“The centre in Florida is the only place that does suit therapy which helps your body position. There is a place in Glasgow that does do intensive therapy but that’s only carried out for half the amount of the time they do in America. It’s these extra hours that see Keira become more independent. 

“It’s hard even to get physio in Scotland at the moment, since last year there have been big cutbacks and unfortunately it has hit Fife hard.”

To take part in a spot of crazy golf for Keira on Sunday you will need to mention Keira’s name when you pay between 10.15am-12pm. 
You can also donate by visiting

www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/THERAPYforKEIRA or finding out more information at www.facebook.com/Therapyforkeira/