WOODMILL High School has been praised by inspectors in a review carried out earlier this year.

Education Scotland visited the school in February, and after a thorough inspection, identified key strengths and areas for improvement.

Headteacher Sandy McIntosh said: “We welcome the input from HMI and as a school we will continue to work hard to improve the opportunities and outcomes for all our young people.”

Woodmill’s staff were praised for their contribution to clubs and the school’s strong partnerships in aiding students develop into further education also received positive feedback.

The nurturing ethos in the Department of Additional Needs (DAS) and the support provided to learning staff were also highlighted.

Fife Council’s Peter McNaughton said: “The inspectors have noted some key strengths at Woodmill High School, particularly in the individual support offered by staff to ensure pupils’ needs are met.

"The school is also doing some innovative and very effective work in helping pupils move on from school to further education or employment.

“While the inspectors have pointed out some areas for improvement, most of these have already been identified by the school and the authority. We are currently working with the school on a plan of improvement.”

As discussed by the headteacher and a Fife Council representative, continuing to raise attainment levels and student progress throughout the curriculum was listed as an area for improvement.

Developing the leadership skills of staff and young people, ensuring self-evaluation from staff as a means to aid pupils and improving the learning experiences in the classroom, were also identified.

Fife Council will monitor the school’s progress and produce a report within the year documenting its process towards the agreed targets.