Police in Dunfermline will be meeting with the public in the Kingsgate Centre today at 2pm to focus on safety and security in crowded public spaces.

Police across Scotland have been delivering Counter-Terrorism initiatives all week to answer the publics questions. 

Superintendent Tony Beveridge told the Press: "Officers and council staff across Fife have been providing information to a variety of different groups this week. 

"We want to be a deterrent to terrorism and get the message out there that the public should keep vigilant. 

"We've already seen an increase in reporting across the country and that is incredibly important because its communities that defeat terrorism."

Police will be engaging with the public and store staff in the Kingsgate to reassure the public that police and communities can work together.

Officers have already seen an increase in engagement with the public wanting to take pictures with them at the recent Robbie Williams gig in Edinburgh. But will it be a common occurrence that we will see more armed police officers on our streets now?

Supt Beveridge said: "Not necessarily. We always judge the need for armed officer by the current threats. Following the attack in Manchester it was appropriate to have them because the level was critical. 

"The key thing to note is there is no specific intelligence of a terrorist attack in Scotland but the public should not be complacent. If you're concerned with someone's behaviour online that its best to report it and we will investigate. 

"Armed officers in our streets is obviously not a common site but terrorism is at the top of our communities concerns and it is important that people see that we are there."