A TEENAGER who caused damage to a historic West Fife landmark was admonished this week after the sheriff decided there was no point fining him.

Sheriff Craig McSherry said the damage to St Bridget's Kirk in Dalgety Bay cost £5,000 to repair because of specialist chemicals needed in order to preserve the building.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was admonished as Sheriff McSherry said any fine would have to be paid by the schoolboy's parents for him to pay them back.

"If my personal experience is anything to go by, the chances of that happening will be nil," he added.

Sentence had previously been deferred on the youth for good behaviour after he had earlier admitted that on March 24 last year, he had, without reasonable excuse, wilfully or recklessly destroyed or damaged property belonging to another at the old building in St Colme Road by repeatedly spraying paint on the walls.

Solicitor Sarah Meehan said her client was still attending school and didn't have any income of his own.

"It is a very serious matter for which he appears and there is a significant value to the damage," she said. 

"While I appreciate this is a very serious matter before the court, the court make take into account his young age and he has a criminal record for this matter and that will have consequences for him."

She said the court process had taught the teenager a "very valuable lesson" and it was unlikely he would re-offend.

"He failed to appreciate the impact his actions would have and it appears this whole process has taught him a valuable lesson," she added.