THE family of a 14-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by a Dunfermline pervert are "absolutely disgusted" by the sentence. 

And they've warned that Derek Lamond, who has a previous conviction for a similar offence, "will strike again". 

The 51-year-old farm worker, of Arthur Street, avoided a prison term and unpaid work because his solicitor told Dunfermline Sheriff Court there were concerns he would be "targeted" by other offenders. 

The family of the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were already furious when they turned up to see him sentenced last month only to find out he had been given permission to go on a "pre-booked holiday".

Lamond previously admitted that on May 10 at a house in Dunfermline, he sexually assaulted the girl, looked inside her clothing at her breasts and touched her on the breast.

In court last week, he was handed a community payback order with a 10-month tag and no unpaid work.

A member of the victim's family told the Press: "Me and my family are absolutely disgusted with the judge and the sentence.

"It isn't hard enough, especially as this is the second time he has committed a very similar offence. 

"I saw him in court for sentencing and he had a smirk and a smug look about him, there wasn't one hint of remorse from him for his despicable actions or the people they have affected, especially the victim. 

"A custodial sentence would have been more appropriate to stop this paedophile once and for all." 

In court last week, defence solicitor Gwen Haggerty asked for the sheriff not to impose unpaid work on her client.

“The concern is he would become a target. He’s already been targeted because of the press coverage and his car’s been spray-painted,” she said.

“The other offenders would become aware of his offence. There has already been at least one incident.”

Sheriff Derek Reekie said: “This was a very serious offence and, to say the very least, a highly unpleasant one.

“What makes it worse is that it happened in the girl’s own home. You also have a previous conviction for a similar offence in 2009,” he told Lamond.

The sheriff said there was “no doubt” the offence would merit a custodial sentence but he believed that the public could be protected better in the longer term by a community-based disposal.

He said it had been in his mind to impose unpaid work and a restriction of liberty order.

Instead, he imposed a community payback order with a 10-month tag and no unpaid work.

Lamond will remain on the sex offenders’ register for three years.

The member of the victim's family hit out: "The excuse that he is scared to do a community order because he may be targeted is utterly pathetic and shouldn't have been accepted.

"These girls, my family, the innocent people, didn't ask to be targeted. 

"That is no punishment for the heartbreak, fear and alarm that he has caused. 

"When a paedophile is getting more help and protection than the victims and the public received, where is the justice in that?"

He said he hoped the victims would get all the help they needed and added: "Derek preys on young and vulnerable girls but this time he has gone a step younger. 

"He will strike again and we all knew he would after the first time."