Unemployment figures maybe looking positive across the country but in West Fife it's not so cheery. 

1,475 in the South West of Fife are claiming jobseekers allowance and universal credit which is an increase of 260 compared with the same period last year.

Job Centre officials said students who have come back on the unemployment register because of the summer recess, are driving the increase in claimant count.

The overall picture in Scotland is looking a lot less dreary with the number of claimants falling by 46,000 in the last year and now unemployment is at its lowest record, with a 1.5 % decrease. 

Martin Nowakowsky, Customer Service Manger for East Fife, said: "The labour market is still healthy in West Fife and the surrounding areas. 

"We have to take in to account that some people could be in work but are still claiming universal credit. We will see an impact in figures over the next few weeks as Amazon begin to recruit and others will also tap into the Edinburgh Fringe vacancies. 

"There's some fantastic opportunities at Edinburgh Airport and we have been working with others to see staff get discounted travel from Fife and making sure that there's better travel options to the Amazon warehouse also."

There is currently ongoing recruitment at Amazon's Dunfermline warehouse, with opportunities for contracts to turn into permanent jobs. 

In just the last quarter a whopping 308 vacancies have been advertised for Edinburgh Airport and that number is expected to rise. 

Sky are still recruiting for positions at their Dunfermline office and a high number of care positions are being seen in the labour market. 

Martin added: "Although construction is a major industry for employment in the area, there is not a lot of people with them skills on our books, because it is very easy for workers with them skills to get employment.

"A trend we have seen is that people are upskilling all the time in Fife."