A YOUNG political activist has condemned MP Douglas Chapman for being “un-statesmanlike” in a recent tweet.

The Dunfermline and West Fife politician described pro-union Scottish MPs in both the Labour and Conservative party as “screwing Scotland at every opportunity” in a tweet on June 29.

Dunfermline teen Robert Weir hit back at the online post saying: “I would have hoped that our local representative is capable of conducting himself in a more statesmanlike and respectful manner online.

“For young people interested in partaking in the political debate, this is hardly a good example to set. Indeed, Mr Chapman should be mindful of the fact that this year saw his 10,000 majority reduced to just 800 votes.

“A total of 65 per cent of his constituency voted for parties who support Scotland remaining an integral part of our United Kingdom, therefore such language is offensive not just to his fellow MPs in Westminster but the majority of his constituency too.”

The full tweet by Mr Chapman read: “Today 19 Lab/Tory Scottish MPs voted against the democratic will of the Scottish people. Unionists screwing Scotland @ every opportunity.”

Mr Chapman responded: “The Tories do not speak for Scotland and after the recent and pointless General Election it’s clear they should not put the record of their UK Government to the test – people rejected them and thank goodness we are now well past ‘peak Tory’ in Scotland.

“I will continue to represent my constituents to the best of my ability but when those Scottish-based Tory MPs in the UK government do not support a reasonable increase in wages beyond one per cent for the public sector employees such as nurses, or suggest that WASPI women should take up an apprenticeship in their mid-fifties to replace the pension they are rightly entitled to, then those Tory MPs and their acolytes need to accept valid criticism.”