A WINDOW cleaner sent offensive messages to a woman whose family owed him money.

Greig Hamilton, 40, of Bittern Court, Dunfermline, said he had loaned the victim and her husband £500 and they had not paid the money back.

He previously admitted that between September 18 and October 16, 2016, at Petrel Way, Dunfermline, he sent text messages to a woman that were of a grossly offensive nature.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told Dunfermline Sheriff Court that Hamilton did not know the woman well but knew of her because he was a window cleaner in the area.

Defence solicitor Russel McPhate said his client was a single man living in Dunfermline but was not currently working.

"He got to know the complainer and her husband and had been asked by them if they could lend some money," Mr McPhate said.

"It had not been paid back despite promises.

"One night he had too much to drink and sent a message.

"He had sent it to wind them up and he regrets doing it."

Hamilton was fined £450.