RESIDENTS in Touch claim they have been left in the dark over the future of its community centre.

The facility in Mercer Place is one of three Fife Council buildings in Dunfermline earmarked for lease or transfer following a review of their estate last year.

They want groups to take out-of-date, costly and under-used buildings off their hands in a bid to save £585,000 in a year, and Touch was proposed for a community asset transfer.

But Touch Residents Association said there’s been no public engagement over the plans and they have a petition with around 200 signatures objecting to the move.

A public meeting was held but a spokesperson for the association said: “We don’t really know what’s happening. People were angry and upset and felt that they had not been listened to – there was no meeting organised by the council to let people know what’s going on, so nobody knew about it. It's on the asset transfer list but we want the council to take ownership. What happens if we want to start a youth group but we’re struggling for space through asset transfer? It limits future engagement.”

Dorothy Banks, of Touch and Garvock Community Council, said: “It could limit availability to the community. It was on the cards to close but got a reprieve, at the moment nobody really knows what will happen. I hope the majority of people want to keep it; that, the church and the scout hall are the only things we have here.”

Tim Kendrick, of Fife Council, said: “The centre is one of the buildings we’re looking to lease or transfer to a local community group. If a group is interested in making use of a facility to provide a service that benefits the local community, you can find more information on or phone 01592 583346.”

Last year Abbeyview's centre, which was proposed for a similar transfer, was moved into the group of centres the council want to keep.