A DUNFERMLINE man was left scorned when he didn’t get a job at takeaway Turkish Pride. 

Hussein Alyasi, 31, of William Street, turned up drunk at the Dunfermline shop and threatened staff, challenging them to a fight.

He appeared in the dock, alongside an interpreter, before Dunfermline Sheriff Court last Wednesday for sentencing. 

He previously admitted that on April 8 at Turkish Pride on Pilmuir Street, he did behave in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm in that he did shout, swear, utter threats of violence and challenge people to engage in a stand-up fight and did commit this offence while on bail. 

The depute fiscal explained that in the week prior, the accused had sought employment at the takeaway but had not been successful.

“At 9.50pm, Alyasi and some others attended the shop clearly under the influence of alcohol,” Ms Dalrymple said. 

“He ordered food but became aggressive.”

Alyasi shouted abusive remarks to the staff and threatened to kill one of them in the rant. He then challenged them to go outside to fight. 

The witnesses tried to get him out of the takeaway but he wouldn’t leave so they contacted the police. 

Five to 10 minutes later, officers stopped the accused who told them he was drunk and had fallen out with the man at the shop. 

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi said: “Alcohol contributed significantly to the circumstances of the offence. 

“He has made it clear to me today and at the plea that he fully accepts his behaviour, the explanation being he had consumed too much alcohol. 

“Since this offence, he tells me he has ceased to drink alcohol. He is searching for a job.”

It was made known to the court that Alyasi’s previous conviction related to him losing his temper and breaking a computer at the City Chambers.

Sheriff Charles Macnair said: “This was a particular serious breach, taking regard of the previous conviction.

“Both with abuse taking place at people’s place of work. 

“If this sort of behaviour takes place at work, the effects of your behaviour mean they have nowhere to go.

“In this case, it was very threatening and must have been alarming. 

“If you continue like this you will find yourself in custody.

“The court will not allow this sort of behaviour but I take into account that you only have one previous conviction.”

Alyasi was placed on a restriction of liberty order for 200 days.