THE kindness of a homeless man in Dunfermline two centre reduced one Townhill woman to tears at the weekend.

Sarah-Jane Aitchison was so affected by the Good Samaritan who stepped in to help her when she was struggling to carry a car boot-full of items for a fundraiser that she took to social media to tell her tale.

Since then, her post has been shared more than 1,400 times and had more than 2,000 likes.

"I was emptying my car as I had a charity thing for my daughter's dance school," she told the Press.

"He said there was no way I could carry all of that and offered to give me a hand. 

"He came right the way up the hill then through the Kingsgate from the New Row car park. He was so nice and was so friendly. There were no expectations. 

"When he helped me, it wasn't because I had given him money or food. He helped because I needed help. He apparently has been known to buy a parking ticket for someone's car as it had run out and the traffic warden was there."

The man's kindness didn't stop there and he later passed the fundraiser and gave a handful of coins he had in his bag.

"This man has nothing but gave us his last few pence," added Sarah-Jane.

"He explained how he wasn't an alcoholic or a junkie and he had fallen on hard times.

"We need to stop and think that not everyone who begs for money are junkies looking for their next fix. This guy is incredible and deserves so much more in life than he has.

"I put it on Facebook really to let the children know what he had done and to say thank you and it has snowballed. So many people have said what a genuine, lovely man he is."