THE family of Cairneyhill youngster Daniel Cornet are again getting behind a campaign to encourage organ donation.

The three-year-old, who won the Press' Bonny Baby competition in 2014, is an ambassador for the Live Life Give Life charity which raises awareness of organ donation.

After being born with end-stage renal failure, the tot has to endure 10 hours of dialysis treatment every night to fight away infection, and needs a new kidney.

A family member is currently undergoing tests to see if she can be an organ donor for Daniel and mum Louise Paton is hoping that a transplant could happen before he turns four.

"We are quite a bit down the road on it but there are still things that need investigating a bit further," she explained. "We are hoping maybe in the next six months it will happen. 

He is about the right weight now and is a bit taller which means more space for an extra organ. 

"We are slowly getting there but nothing is official just yet.

"He still has to go on dialysis every night and he is probably getting to the age where is he started to realise what is going on. He does so well and has had so much done to him."

The family had a scare in June when Daniel became poorly with a rare infection which meant he had to undergo emergency surgery and spent most of the month in hospital.

After recovering from that – and a broken arm two weeks later – the plucky youngster was able to start nursery as planned in August.

"He absolutely loves it," said Louise. "We had to have a couple of meetings and, at one point, about nine of us were sitting down together trying to work out how to get him through the sessions safely.

"I have had to make up emergency packs and lists in case certain things happen."

Although the prospects of Daniel receiving an organ donation are looking positive at the moment, his family are keen to use his role as an ambassador for the Life Life Give Life charity to ensure other donors come forward.

"It is really to give a reminder to people that if you are a registered donor, your family still have the final say so make sure you have the conversation with them," she said.

"Last year, 460 potential transplants didn't go ahead even though people were registered. 

"That was 460 people who have taken a couple of minutes to register but they haven't had the conversation with their families.

"Talking about organ donation makes it easier for families to decide to donate a relative’s organs. Please have that conversation today. Sign up on the NHS Organ Donor Register and then speak up about your wishes with your relatives.”