Queensferry Crossing has been the "plaice" to be in recent weeks but the makers of this fish art are making sure it sticks in your head for other reasons. 

The Forth can often have a fishy smell but the exhibition made up of three whole plaice, mussel shells, seafood sticks and Cavolo Nero kale is taking the pong to a whole new level. 

The 'mussel' gone into this handiwork is all about highlighting Seafood Week, which runs until October 13, so maybe we should let them off the hook.

According to industry authority Seafish 72% of UK adults aren’t aware of the recommendation to eat two portions of fish per week, with one of them needing to be oily.

So don't be koi with the fish this week, enjoy some tasty new recipes from fishmongers and restaurants in the area and if you think this Queensferry Crossing recreation looks out of "plaice" then maybe we all just need to clam down.