“IT’S time to up our game.”

Dunfermline music scene regulars OSKAR Braves know it’s time for professionalism and mass exposure to project their name out to the masses.

After having taken monetary shortcuts in the past with production costs, the five-piece are ready to invest in themselves.

Set to capitalise on their growing following accumulated from live shows throughout 2017, a new single, Discover, is expected to drop in Spring next year, with an accompanying music video and a mini-tour of both Scotland and England.

David Stevens (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) and Grant Allan (guitar and backing vocals) joked to Press:ON: “We’re selling out.

“We’ll grab everyone’s attention with the new single, which is far more commercial, and then we’ll switch straight back to our old tunes when we have all these new fans!

“I think we would all agree that it’s time to up our game. At the end of the day, it all comes down to money and putting yourself out there.

“If you have a manager or label behind you, they take care of that side of things and push you everywhere they can. We don’t have that. We’ve done bits and pieces this year and picked up a good following from our live shows; we’re at our best live and everyone knows that.

“It’s difficult for us to go and replicate that in a studio and then go out and push ourselves on social media and to promoters and venues. We’ve come to realise it’s now time for us to invest.”

Regardless of their high quality as a band, they know that investment may not return the success they’re looking for.

“You’re putting all this effort and money into your music knowing you may never have any reward. It’s the risk you have to take. You want something you can listen to and be proud of.

“You have to put in the hours and really want the end product to be the best it can be. If you’re releasing any form of work that you know isn’t your best, you won’t want to promote it. You’ll be doing it because you feel obligated to, not that you want to.

“We’ve never been able to afford the right way before. As we can testify to, taking the cheap option doesn’t work out. We’ve paid the price for that. We need to do it right, and we need to do it now.”

As already alluded to, an OSKAR Braves gig is one to be seen, and the latest opportunity on home turf is in PJ Molloys on Friday, December 8.

And earlier this year they were recognised at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards.

Finding themselves nominated in a shortlist containing three other rising acts, they knew lifting the gong for Best Live Act was going to be a struggle and weren’t too disheartened to hear they hadn’t won. At the time, they were in Germany performing three dates in Ingolstadt.

“Germany was a class experience. It was bittersweet hearing we hadn’t won because we were having such a great time in Germany! We know it’s bad to think this way, but we knew we weren’t going to win. We ran a good campaign though. We voted for us, anyway!

“The organisers thanked us for really going for it and it was great to see two Fife bands represented at the awards with the Shambolics winning Best Indie/Alternative act.”

Doors open at 7pm. Tickets cost £6 with support from The Statler Project, OCEVNS and Big Cloud.