A VIOLENT thug from Dunfermline has been jailed for eight months after throwing boiling water from a kettle over another inmate.

Jamie Muir, 25, of Keir Hardie Terrace, attacked James Evans at the door of his cell in Barlinnie prison on July 10 last year.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that there was talk of an attack on Muir “for no other reason than being a Fifer”.

The incident was said to be him “getting his retaliation in first” and after launching the boiling water over Evans he repeatedly punched him before prison officers intervened and the victim was taken to hospital with burns on his right arm and stomach.

Muir pleaded guilty to assaulting Evans at the prison to his injury.

Jailing him, Sheriff Martin Jones QC said: “This is a serious matter, particularly causing burns by throwing boiling water over the body of the complainer.”

The court heard that around 11.55am a prison officer opened cells to allow prisoners out.

Procurator fiscal depute Zahra Latif said: “The accused was in cell 47 and Mr Evans in cell 48. After opening cell 47 the prison officer opened cell 48.

“Whilst making his way towards cell 49 the accused came out of the cell in possession of a kettle with boiling water.

“He then proceeded to throw this over Mr Evans who was standing at his cell door.”

Muir then punched Evans at least four times before staff stepped in.

The victim was taken to hospital where he was found to have suffered a burn to his right arm that was cleaned and dressed, and a burn to his abdomen that didn’t need treatment.

It was said on his behalf that Mr Evans had been threatening him with violence before the incident and there was a suggestion there was a contract on Muir to do him “significant harm”.

The court heard that this was “for no other reason that being a Fifer” and this incident was Muir “getting his retaliation in first”.

Just two weeks ago, he was sentenced at Dunfermline Sheriff Court to four months in prison.

Sheriff Derek Reekie had, despite admitting he was “concerned about the risks to the public”, granted Muir bail after he stole a phone from a woman at Comely Park on October 10.

But days later, on November 17, he was caught shoplifting from McColls in Allan Crescent and also breached a court ordered curfew.

He was back in court on November 22 and jailed by Sheriff Charles MacNair.