A BOLLARD has been installed to stop drivers using Dunfermline Cemetery as a "short cut".

Fife Council have restricted vehicle access and also said there were "major issues" with football fans attending Dunfermline Athletic matches who use the graveyard as a "car park".

Press reader Julie McLeod had got in touch to question why a bollard had been installed at the western entrance to the cemetery.

Liz Murphy, the council's bereavement services manager, said: "It is unfortunate we have had to close the Leys Park Road entrance to traffic but it's being misused by traffic using it as a short cut.

"There has been significant damage caused to the cemetery roads as a result.

"There are also major issues with football traffic using the cemetery as a car park for home games.

"The bollard will be taken down for access for funeral cars."

The main entrance to the cemetery, off Halbeath Road, remains open to vehicles.