MOVING to Dunfermline proved to be the catalyst which rekindled an artist’s love of painting.

Donna Mcglynn also has the honour of being the first exhibitor in Fire Station Creative for 2018.

Her exhibition, Thought and Memory, channels human emotions and experiences drawing on myth, fable, history and storytelling.

She’s always loved drawing and painting, and from an early age she tried to replicate comic book characters.

She said: “I don’t know if anyone remembers the Bunty, Mandy or Misty comics, but as a little girl I was mesmerised by the drawings and spent a lot of time obsessively trying to copy them.

"As soon as I found out there was such a thing as art college, that’s where I wanted to go.”

She went on to study at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen but by her own admission, she was a “pretty clueless” student, despite graduating.

Donna added: “I was much lazier back in those days, and pretty clueless.

"Like most artists, after I left college I fitted my painting practice around my day job as a teacher. It wasn’t until I left that profession and moved to Dunfermline that I started painting with real intent again.

“Dunfermline is my home, and moving here heralded the start of painting seriously again.

"It’s an interesting town with a lot of history that surprises many people who don’t live here. I was really happy when the Fire Station Creative opened. I had always hoped to have a show there.”

Most recently, her work was included in the shortlist for the inaugural Scottish Portrait Awards in Edinburgh.

Gallery curator Ian Moir said: “Donna is a real painter’s painter. As soon as I saw her work I knew we had to book her. Her work is beautifully executed with a magical, dreamlike quality that carries you away. They’re full of things to look at and you always come away from them feeling very satisfied. We’re very lucky to have her exhibit with us. Visitors will not be disappointed.”

Thought and Memory will run from Friday to Sunday, March 4 and entry is free.