A VIOLENT, controlling sex beast has been convicted of raping two former partners and indecently assaulting a third.

Brute Mark Wallace beat up his female victims when he was drunk, demeaned them by calling them derogatory names like “fat cow” and “slag” and repeatedly forced them to have sex with him against their will.

His campaign of domestic abuse at addresses in Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy, the East End of Glasgow, and Stenhousemuir spanned more than 15 years.

A jury at the High Court in Livingston took just four hours to find him guilty of indecently assaulting one woman by penetration and raping two others.

He was also convicted of viciously attacking all three women by hitting them with his fists and feet and throwing things, including a knife, at them to their injury.

He was cleared of assaulting and raping a fourth woman he met through a dating site after the jury returned not proven verdicts to those charges.

Wallace, 38, had tried to refute all the allegations of mental, physical and sexual abuse and told the jury he had "no idea" why his girlfriends had “lied” about him.

He trembled visibly in the dock as the jury’s guilty verdicts were read out and mouthed: “I love you” to his current girlfriend as he was led to the cells.

During his trial, a 35-year-old mum-of-one, who said she met controlling Wallace when she was aged just 16, told the jury that he convinced her she was adopted to isolate her from her family and friends.

She told the jury: “He used to tell me I looked nothing like my sisters, nothing like my parents. The fact they didn’t make any attempt to contact me. He just had me convinced that they didn’t care and that was because I was adopted and they weren’t my real family. I eventually started to believe it.

“He made me feel that he was the only person that I had.”

When the indecent assaults began, she said she thought it was a normal part of a relationship that he could repeatedly force her to have oral and anal sex against her wishes.

She said: “I now know that some of the acts between Mark and I were rape.

“The physical and mental abuse completely changed me as a person.

“I have a family member who suffered abuse. I was aware of this before I met Mark.

“I promised myself that I would never let anybody do that to me and I did. I was ashamed of myself.”

For another of his victims, a businesswoman from Glasgow, the violence could last anything between 20 minutes and an hour, but the name-calling, using words like "Cow", "Fat cow" and "slag" if he didn’t get drink or money for drugs would continue for hours.

She said he forced himself on her sexually “hundreds of times” in the kitchen of a café she ran in Glasgow at the time.

She said: “At first, it was a consensual sexual relationship but, after the violence started, that changed. Sex without consent could be every other day.

“If I didn’t have sex I was probably going to get a sore face, a black eye or something. I was forced to give him oral sex, that was very common.”

His third victim, a 41-year-old mum, told how Wallace “wasn’t bothered” when she told him: “You’ve just raped me!”

She said she told Wallace to stop when their consensual attempt at anal sex became painful but he kept going.

When she challenged him about it, she said: “He was arrogant about it saying: ‘It couldn’t be rape, I’m your boyfriend.’”

She added: “It was as if he didn’t care. He wasn’t bothered. I felt more wary of him after it, just more aware when we were having sex.”

She claimed Wallace was continually jealous, possessive, controlling and frequently violent during the time they spent together.

She said he often accused her of sleeping with other men and demanded that she phone him every lunchtime to make sure she was not with someone else.

When she survived cancer and told Wallace she wanted to tell a workmate whose wife had been diagnosed with the disease about the treatment she had endured, he accused her of having an affair with the man.

Following the verdicts, judge Lord Burns told Wallace: “Because of the nature of the convictions the jury have just returned, I think it’s appropriate to obtain an up-to-date social enquiry report so I can get some idea of your further background and also the risk you may pose to members of the public in future.”

He also added Wallace’s name to the sex offenders’ register with immediate effect and told him Scottish Ministers would be notified of his convictions for sexual offences under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act.

He told the accused he would be remanded in custody until sentence was passed at the High Court in Glasgow on May 31.