Dangerous paedophile Anthony Luckwill, who fled to Scotland after being chased out of Ireland, is back behind bars.

Luckwill, who has been living in Inverkeithing, was arrested on Thursday when he was found to be in possession of a mobile phone and iPod, breaching a court order.

He is banned from having any devices which can be used to access the internet but has repeatedly ignored that.

He has been jailed for 10 months and could then be sent back to Ireland, where there is an outstanding warrant for his arrest after he failed to appear for a court hearing.

His previous crimes included posing as a TV talent agent and sexually assaulting two teenage boys who attended for ‘auditions’.

When he appeared in court on Friday, Luckwill was raging about his long catalogue of child sex offences being highlighted in the media and was warned about his conduct in the dock.

Luckwill, originally from Dublin, asked a female neighbour in Inverkeithing if she thought another resident would allow him to use his Wi-Fi. Media coverage of his previous court appearance last week led to this woman becoming aware of his past.

She realised he should not be accessing the internet and contacted the police.

When officers turned up to search his property, Luckwill was furious, telling them to “F*** off” and claimed they were trying to ruin his life.

The mobile phone was found to contain an image of Luckwill with a young boy in a wheelchair. Urgent inquiries are taking place to establish the child’s identity.

When he appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Friday, Luckwill ranted that the media coverage had “caused me no end of bother this week”.

He also complained that he did not feel safe in his new home and that he needed internet access to check what was being written about him.

Luckwill, 44, of The Maltings, Inverkeithing, admitted that on September 7 at his home, he breached the terms of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) by being in possession of a mobile phone and an iPod.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said Luckwill was living in a property in Inverkeithing his parents had bought for him.

“I should point out the close proximity of the local primary school and high school,” added the depute.

He added that Luckwill had been forced to move out of a hotel in the area when his past came to light.

“It seems like his past history has caught up with him in Fife like it did in Ireland where he was attacked and his accommodation was set alight.

“Last week’s conviction at Dunfermline was covered in the media and there has been an element of local unrest.

“The accused told a neighbour he had his computer up and running. He wanted to use another neighbour’s Wi-Fi until his own was connected. The woman said he would have to speak to that neighbour and ask him directly.

“Then the previous owners of Mr Luckwill’s property saw the media coverage and contacted the woman to make her aware about her new neighbour’s offences.

“After reading the coverage, the woman realised he should not have any computer and contacted police.”

When police attended his house, a detective asked Luckwill if he had bought any computer equipment but he denied this.

“When the officer asked to search the property, he refused and became irate and agitated. He then said: ‘So what if I have a computer, my solicitor says I can have one’.

“From a wardrobe, he then produced an iPod which has a camera and could be used to access the internet,” added Mr Kapadia.

“When the device was checked there was immediate concern about an image of the accused with a young male in a wheelchair. Urgent inquiries are now under way to trace this child.”

When told he was under arrest, Luckwill shouted, ‘F*** off, f*** off. You came here to ruin my life.”

When officers later searched his property and his vehicle they found a mobile phone and a hand-held mobile router used to access the internet.

Luckwill then told police he would be opposing the imposition of any new SOPO.

Mr Kapadia added: “Police consider him to be a dangerous paedophile.”

Defence solicitor Michael Sweeney asked the sheriff to defer sentence for reports and to allow Luckwill bail. “He tells me has Asperger’s Syndrome and he feels he would be vulnerable if remanded in custody.”

However, Sheriff MacNair said he did not need reports. He pointed out that Luckwill was previously jailed in Wales for breaching the same order.

The sheriff then jailed him for 10 months and granted forfeiture of the banned devices.

On August 31, Luckwill admitted another breach of his SOPO for being in possession of cameras and a mobile phone and sentenced was deferred until October 23.

The 10-year SOPO, imposed in Wales 10 years ago, runs out on Thursday and Police Scotland can apply for a new order.

Luckwill changed his name to Colin Gregory and planned to start a new life in Scotland after being hounded out of his native Ireland.