A ROSYTH councillor has praised Stagecoach for listening to residents after they agreed to put forward proposals that could see the return of a popular bus route.

In September, the Press reported that public transport users in Camdean were having to wait for up to an hour to use the number seven bus service after the number 19 was withdrawn in August.

The move prompted a backlash from residents and SNP councillor Sharon Wilson accused the firm of showing a "complete disregard" for passengers in the area.

She demanded answers from Stagecoach bosses and, in January, organised a 'Stagecoach Surgery' meeting – attended by Stagecoach East boss John Oakey – to give affected local residents their say.

After considering feedback from passengers, Cllr Wilson revealed that Stagecoach were ready to "put forward a number of proposals for public consultation" that could lead to service 19 returning to Camdean.

She said: "Stagecoach have told me that they are looking at doing away with the alternate loops on the 7 and 7B service and replacing them with a revised 19 service that will cover Camdean, east Rosyth and the dockyard on a circular route with a 20-minute frequency, though they still need to work out a few details before coming out for consultation.

"Registration and consultation will take around three months before the changes can be implemented, subject to anything that comes out from the consultation, but changes are anticipated to be in place by June/July.

"I have spoken to Stagecoach East and we are going to get a date in the diaries to discuss proposed routes for a reinstated number 19.

"The intention is to talk things through as much as possible before proceeding to more formal consultation.

"I am glad that Stagecoach is showing willing by coming along to meetings and actively listening to bus users in Rosyth. This means we have a chance to get a better service but we have to acknowledge as well that it will be impossible to please everyone. 

"What we will do at the next meeting is hopefully come up with the best solution for the maximum number of folk."

Jon Oakey, acting general manager for Stagecoach East Scotland, added: "We're always keen to receive feedback on the services we provide from the community and we've been looking at some alternative options for services 7, 7B and 19 in the Rosyth areas following some feedback from residents in the Camdean area.

"We look forward to presenting any plans to the community in due course with any changes likely to take effect in the summer months."