A MASS brawl broke out in Inverkeithing High Street and continued for over five minutes until the police arrived.

People were seen being kicked, punched and hit with crutches in a video nasty captured on CCTV and shown at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

The incident began at around midnight when a woman on crutches lunged at someone at a pub doorway.

This provoked a melee in which around eight people were pulling and punching at each other on the ground.

After it was broken up, the woman with the crutches used one of them to hit a man over the head.

He took the crutch from her and battered her with it as well as repeatedly kicking her on the head, with his sister joining in and doing the same. At one stage in the video three women are seen lying on the ground, looking dazed.

In the dock were Lindsey Peacock, 33, her brother Michael Peacock, 30, both of Fraser Avenue, Inverkeithing and Rebecca Bedborough, 26, of Fairykirk Road, Rosyth.

The incident took place on October 8 last year in High Street, Inverkeithing.

Bedborough admitted assaulting a woman by punching her, pushing her, causing her to fall to the ground, and repeatedly striking her on the head.

Michael Peacock admitted assaulting her by kicking her on the body.

And he pleaded guilty to assaulting another woman by repeatedly kicking her on the head and body, punching her and repeatedly striking her with a crutch to her injury.

Lindsey Peacock admitted assaulting the woman by repeatedly kicking her on the head to her injury.

Depute fiscal Ron Hay said it was clear from the CCTV that the woman with the crutches had been the “instigator”.

However, she had been assaulted as a result and required hospital treatment for a swollen cheekbone, bruised eyes, a cut nose, a split lip and cuts and bruises to her back.

After seeing the CCTV twice, Sheriff Craig McSherry called for reports and said he felt there was no alternative but to remand all three in custody.

After submissions from their solicitors, the sheriff agreed to grant bail and sentencing will take place on July 25.

However, Sheriff McSherry warned the trio: “Custody is still at the forefront of my mind.”