Man arrested after Kingseat drug raid

Published: 23 May 2011 09:3010 comments

Police promise to nab a dealer every week after latest arrest

A MAN has been arrested after a raid in Kingseat uncovered illegal drugs worth £1165.

The incident happened on Wednesday with officers from Benarty and Cardenden Police Stations carrying out the high-visibility raid.

Now Cowdenbeath area police are promising to target a dealer EVERY WEEK in a bid to reduce drug availability on the street.

Kelty Community Officer PC Barry Tillier said, "Operations in respect of misuse of drugs are ongoing within the entire Cowdenbeath area and I am pleased to report that we are making further progress in the fight to rid our streets of illegal drugs."

Cowdenbeath Area Chief Inspector Ross Bennet added, "This operation is further evidence of our local commitment to our wider community engagement priorities, to target a drugs dealer every week and also that we are effectively tackling directly those persons involved in the sale or supply of illegal substances in the Cowdenbeath area."

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  • Shah Hoorsur
    Unregistered User
    May 23, 18:14
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    Wow, drugs worth £1165, wtf???

    Why oh why are the police and authorities continuing to target the local dealers, rather than the actual drug suppliers? What a total waste of manpower and resources.

    If the suppliers further up the chain were taken out of circulation by regular and effective co-ordinated efforts (the police know who these people are), the local junkies and dealers would have no-where to go. As it is, every dealer arrested is quickly replaced on the streets by another and then another, so the trade continues unrestricted.

    Perhaps someone senior from Fife Constabulary could respond to these comments?

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  • H.R. Pufnstuf
    Unregistered User
    May 23, 19:34
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    All drugs should be legalised and taken out of the control of the drug cartels. Addicts would have to be registered with their local GP and given a "clean" supply in a controlled environment, it also allows monitoring and a gradual weaning off supervised by healthcare professionals. The "War On Drugs" has never and will never work, it's like trying to hold back the seas but no politician wants to be seen to admit it, although certain high-level members of the Police and judiciary have called for a sea-change in our whole outlook on the drug problem. Get the power away from the gangs, reduce addict-related crime, free up NHS, Police & court resources. Allow Police manpower to be deployed on dealing with other criminality, drink-related crime (yes I know is a legalised drug) but people don't usually mug, rob, assault to get money for a trip down the pub.

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  • c otton eye joe
    Unregistered User
    May 23, 19:58
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    Although I agree with the above post, who would pay for the legalised drugs which are to be handed out in a controlled situation. The cash strapped NHS? Drink is to an extent a legalised drug, there is less crime related theft to fund the habit, however it is a far less addictive drug. There is still crime associated with it though, usually in the form of violence and driving.

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  • H.R. Pufnstuf
    Unregistered User
    May 23, 20:53
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    @cotton eye joe

    The drugs would be supplied free to registered addicts, this did happen in the UK in the past, GPs were allowed to dispense Diamorphine (medical name for heroin) to registered addicts up until the 1960's I think. It's being tried out in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and some Australian and Canadian cities, (clean needles, untainted drugs and safe areas to inject, safe for users and the general public). If anyone thinks that a police raid on a street dealer in Kingseat is going to make one iota of difference to the drug problem they are totally deluded. I do sympathise with the task that the police have but a drastic root & branch re-think of how we tackle the illegal drug trade is urgently needed with facts not scare stories. How many years have we been fighting this so-called "war" and nothing changes, catching the small fry is a total waste of police time, manpower and valuable resources.

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  • Coco Aaine
    Unregistered User
    May 24, 06:53
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    . When you read the reports of the crime level over the last few months, what have the Police been doing over the last few years, sleeping/snoring/day dreaming? Whatever, they have now awakened and what a mess they have let this area get into. When I assemble all these recent reports and look at what my hard earned cash is being whopped off my pay i.e to pay for years of negligence in the policing of our area, I am disgusted.

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  • NaHameMan
    Unregistered User
    May 27, 12:14
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    How come we all know all the dealers in our areas, they swan about in big flash expensive cars, have loads of money to buy property. But the police do not lift them or even give them hassle in an attempt to stop them.

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  • justsayno
    Unregistered User
    May 28, 22:03
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    # Shah Hoorsur

    I take your point about the bigger fish, however, if you lived next door to a drug dealer and had all the low-life of the day coming back and forward to your neighbours at all times of the day, leaving "out their face", possibly jagging up in in or about your garden, then I would suspect that you would want police to target the local dealers too. Unfortunately the bigger fish are usually very smart business folk who have their criminality tied up in many deeply hidden ways. If it was easy to stop them, they would be stopped and I know there is a significant effort goes into trying to get these bigger fish but Mrs Bloggs won't know these folk, she only knows the scum living round the corner/next door making her life hell and so, ok, maybe £1165 worth of drugs seems meaningless to you, but if it gets rid of the person making her life hell, then that is important.


    Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 - If you have any information about a drug dealer, give it a call. Police can only act on hard facts or plenty of intelligence. Yes, they also probably know who the folk are that are dealing but unfortunately Human Rights have a lot to answer I think.

    And on the plus side...with Osama Bin Laden now dead, the big fish supply might soon be a little harder to get a hold of :o)

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  • DinoSaur
    49 posts
    Jun 1, 21:30
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    Why can't we just let all the 'bad stuff' be widely distributed and stop treating drug takers for anything? Stop giving them Methodone. Stop giving them healthcare. Stop emergency service attendance at their addresses. Stop giving anyone 'on drugs' anything at all from the Welfare budget that most of them have never contributed to. As they die off the problem will shrink, and when our impressionable youth see the squalor and misery they would die in, they would be less inclined to follow down that path! Or am I being too harsh?

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  • Ade Nuff
    Unregistered User
    Jun 5, 15:26
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    Until the politicians grasp the nettle and listen to all the experts (instead of sacking them) who say prohibition will never work the problem will just get worse. More education would help, but when the NHS brought out a leaflet recently saying smoking hash is sociable and will relax you, the newspapers reacted like they were giving free smack to primary school children. Funny that when you see all the adverts for alcohol in their pages. Oh but that's OK alcohol isn't really a dangerous drug that causes far more damage than the majority of illegal ones, does it?

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  • anonymous Jim
    Unregistered User
    Jun 23, 20:10
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    I happen to know the person in question here, they got caught with 4 marijuana plants. Trust me when I say, there are no flash cars or 'junkies leaving out their tree'. It was simply someone trying to find a way to pay college fees, yes, (some) drugs are bad and can ruin lives but answer this simple question - How many stoners do you hear of on the news/in newspapers robbing people to fund it, or how many do you see fighting outside/peeing or throwing up in the street?

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