'UFO' video - mystery lights caught on camera

Published: 21 Sep 2011 11:409 comments

VIDEO: West Fife couple, who had earlier claimed they saw strange light formations over Cairneyhill, now have footage to back this up.

A CAIRNEYHILL couple, who were shocked to see strange lights appearing over the village , captured the sighting on camera.

A Press reader contacted us about the light formations he claims he saw with his girlfriend at around 10.30pm on Sunday.

"There were four lights came over in a formation, then another four and there must have been over twenty by the time they all went over," said the man, who was spending the night at his girlfriend's home.

Initially, he thought he had been too late in getting his camera and filming the incident but he later discovered he had caught the last of the lights heading off.

He said, "There was no sound from an engine, they weren't helicopters and at first I thought they must be Chinese lanterns but it was strange that they were in these formations and they glided off into the distance.

"When the last lot appeared one was lagging behind then it moved up very quickly ahead of the rest and stopped dead so I knew a Chinese lantern couldn't do that.

"I had been going to bed when my girlfriend went out to the car to get something. She came back in shouted 'Come and see this'.

"I was all over in about five or seven minutes I'd say. I went back in to get my camera but by then they had all gone. I'm sure other people must have seen them.

"It was a clear night. I couldn't make out what shape they were but my girl says they were triangular. The lights were orange like a lamp-post and they went right over the middle of the village, over the petrol station there.

"I feel a bit daft phoning up about this but I've never seen anything like it before," said the caller who did not want to be named.

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  • AB1982
    1 post
    Sep 22, 11:40
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    I am sorry to disappoint, but Forrester Park let of several lanterns on Sunday night (around 20 -30) I live in Cairneyhill and I witnessed them from my back garden around around the time stated on Sunday.

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  • Jayc182
    66 posts
    Sep 23, 06:26
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    This is the most read story on the DP, whatever next? Mrs robertons cat got chased by my davidsons cat

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  • jollymolly
    96 posts
    Sep 23, 15:04
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    I laddy your no that daft! you wouldn't give your name..I wonder why !!!!!

    I bet your face would be all lit up now...

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  • delemma13
    1 post
    Sep 23, 21:12
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    my sister seen these lights too but was from inverkeithing looking towards edinburgh she first thought they where lanterns but said they could not have been as they where changing shape from circles to triangles, they where there for several minutes before vanishing into the sky, i think these are ufo's, we are not alone!!!!

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  • RigPig
    73 posts
    Sep 26, 13:45
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    He didnt leave his name because the cops would have came round to take his stash of illegal drugs from him and lock him up.

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  • Panoptigon
    2 posts
    Sep 27, 22:12
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    Lets face it, if someone saw the lanterns go up, then lanterns it is

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  • jaspercat
    3 posts
    Sep 29, 22:12
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    Of course they are lanterns! They're everywhere, one even landed in front of my car when I was driving home over the forth bridge a week or so ago.

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  • fudgedog6
    3 posts
    Oct 5, 23:55
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    I too saw them from my back door in Kirkcaldy...but by the time I got the binoculars out they were gone - the wife said 'they're probably Chinese Lanterns' but I tend to be more romantic than her and I say they were doffo UFOs. Orange blobs in the sky over towards Inverkeithing then, woosh, gone out like a light!

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  • joesbro
    200 posts
    Oct 20, 13:06
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    man,too much funny tobacco, on the go--take heed cleaner

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