New jobs on the horizon as Shepherd puts in masterplan

Published: 7 Oct 2011 08:3019 comments

SHEPHERD Offshore has submitted its masterplan to revitalise the former Hyundai/Motorola plant into a vibrant renewables hub and finally bring long-promised jobs to the site which has lain empty since being built in the 1990s.

The Newcastle-based firm, owned by the Shepherd brothers, is "delighted to be bringing forward proposals to deliver the largest new investment in Fife for more than a decade".

The centrepiece will be a renewables centre of excellence creating a hub of activity and expertise in the emerging green energy sector which can attract major investment.

Alongside that will be 35 acres of housing on the western side of the 150-acre site, which is likely to equate to 400-500 homes.

Another key element is a proposed education campus which it is hoped by the developers could become the new home of Carnegie College.

There are also plans for a hotel, three acres of retail and five acres allocated to office use, and green space to provide one of the biggest parks in Scotland.

Dunfermline MP Thomas Docherty welcomed the proposals, saying, "This is an exciting plan and another major milestone towards creating much-needed jobs at Halbeath.

"I think there is a sensible balance, a good mix of large business with small business use and they have not gone for the top level of housing from their earlier options.

"It's also no secret that this is my preferred location for Carnegie College. We already have a new primary school in the area and I would very much like to see either Woodmill or St Columba's high school relocated there over the next decade.

"From my regular contact with council officers I know they don't want any unnecessary delays holding up the process and I would hope there could be a decision made early in the new year."

Andy Williamson, director of business development at Shepherd Offshore, said, "Our aim is to deliver real investment, real jobs, transform the local education facilities and help secure a key role for Dunfermline and Fife in the renewable energy sector.

"At the same time, we see some scope for developing new homes for families - many of which we hope will be for families who work on the site.

"We also believe that by having a significant area of the site as green space, we can help create a massive and unique new area of parkland that will enhance the setting of the development, whilst also giving local residents access to new parkland.

"We are delighted to be bringing forward proposals to deliver the largest new investment in Fife for more than a decade.

"Our aim is to help Fife play a vital role in the sunrise renewable industries, to provide world-class new educational facilities that can transform Dunfermline as a place of learning and create new family housing that will provide high-quality homes for our workforce and others.

"By keeping one third of the site as green space, we aim to help facilitate one of Scotland's biggest and best new park areas.

"This is about delivering investment and moving forward. The Halbeath site can be transformed from a symbol of disappointment to an exciting vision of the potential, vibrancy and future of Fife.

"We are hugely impressed by all of the people that we have met and by the support that we've received. By working together we are convinced that we can help attract further investment and jobs for Dunfermline and Fife."

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  • jesstd
    41 posts
    Oct 7, 09:50
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    Call me a cynic ... but it's 35ha of housing land with some jobs and greenwashing! The parkland is the bit next to the motorway where no-one will want to live. Look at the powerlines over the children's playpark across from Woodmill High School. That is what developers do without scrutiny.

    However, a new neighbourhood to the east is far preferable to ruining the areas of great landscape value to the west and southwest of historic Dunfermline. It is, or should be made, accessible for commuters to Edinburgh, which is where many residents come from because of a woeful shortage of family housing across the bridge. Planners should probably build out to the motorway but make sure it is screened and we don't get the same ludicrous patchwork of house designs that characterises DEx.

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  • char
    238 posts
    Oct 7, 10:56
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    Putting a college outside the town is foolish. Harder to get to, no local facilities and, most importantly, no money being made by local businesses. Thomas Docherty yet again proving he doesn't know much about his constituency.

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  • ShahHoorsur
    31 posts
    Oct 7, 11:41
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    Oh dear, yet another frantic attempt at publicity by Docherty.

    #char, I couldn't agree more; it's obvious Docherty knows nothing about "his" local constituency.

    Did you see his photo on the front page of this week's 'Press with the promoters of the Dunfermline Beer Festival? The photo includes none other than Shepherd Offshore's "Director of Business Development" Andy Williamson; yes the same Andy Williamson in the story above.

    What a cosy relationship........................................

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  • justsayin
    38 posts
    Oct 7, 13:03
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    Oh look the moaners and whingers are out already.

    People have been complaining about that white elephant for years. Its been a disgrace/blot on the town for ages.

    I think its great that something is being done about it. I think its great that its a mix of residential/business/retail and includes parks and green spaces.

    Clearly some people always have to moan/complain. I cant imagine what development on the site they would possibly agree with.

    As to the comments about Thomas Docherty - he has actually done something and brokered the deal to bring the developers in. Something his predecessor never managed.

    Finally if the Shepherds wish to donate funds to the Beer Festival - the purpose of which is to raise money for local charities then good on them.

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  • Dunfy92
    44 posts
    Oct 7, 13:06
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    How much more lop-sided can Dunfermline get!? The 'town centre' is now at the western most point of the town. As a recent graduate of Carnegie College, moving the campus further out is a terrible idea. I already needed to get 2 buses to get there which cost me £1.30 to get to the bus station, then £1.50 to get to Halbeath.... and if the campus was out further that would cost even more. Not to mention the return trip. If anything the college needs to be brought back into the town to balance out all this development to the east of the town. If they built a dual-carriageway up the west side of Dunfermline that would open the way for new development there.

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  • RigPig
    73 posts
    Oct 7, 18:14
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    Mr Docherty was in the press recently trying to talk about football and now this. If you voted for this man, shame on you!!

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  • DunfermlineEast
    137 posts
    Oct 8, 08:37
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    There are thousands of houses planned for the west and north of the site - all those empty white spaces will also have houses on them. How many houses can one town take? The new primary will not be able to cope with the planned (1round 7,000 houses) for Duloch still to be built, 500 more (1000 kids) will overwhelm the already oversubscribed schools of the area. No more houses till Shepherd stumps up money for a new primary and secondary.

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  • mikeintheknow
    98 posts
    Oct 8, 16:42
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    What are you people taking? Two weeks ago most people complained about college moving to town centre, and there complaints about moving across the road.

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  • ItsErnie
    464 posts
    Oct 8, 17:18
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    The map says it all really. 35 acres of housing and 55 acres of land for industry but no actual industry of course - no companies moving in, no jobs. The bit that noone would want next to the motorway left as a 'park' - some park!

    And a proposal to put the college even further away from the town than it is just now - I wonder whose brilliant idea that was.

    Shepherds must be laughing all the way to the bank - a housing development in all but name and not a single job promised in return. You have to wonder who scratched whose backs.

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  • beaker
    86 posts
    Oct 8, 20:28
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    a grand piece of skullduggery.

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  • DrewCarnegie
    75 posts
    Oct 10, 19:59
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    I think you will find it will be another housing development with a Sainsbury's bolted onto the development and added value.

    Mr Docherty apparently is backing the college to relocate to two different locations, unless another college is going to move to the town centre development and Carnegie College locating to the Hyundia site. Get off the fence Mr Docherty, smell the coffee and realise that you are getting used by a developer who is playing on an in experienced politician to make their planning application to look more presentable

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  • ShahHoorsur
    31 posts
    Oct 11, 17:51
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    If you listen carefully on a quiet night up Duloch way, you can hear the sound of the Shepherds laughing all the way to the bank.

    Just goes to show that big money talks and our local "politicians" walk.

    Exactly the same has happened with that idiot Donald Trump in Aberdeenshire.

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  • BobTheBuilder
    111 posts
    Oct 12, 01:27
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    FC would be one step further towards losing any remaining credibility if they pass this application. Houses, houses, houses - the rest of the infrastructure is.... not there. Not in missing detail, it's simply not there. There has been enough unsupported housing in Dunfermline already without giving the green light to any more. Surely our supportive local MP can see how he is being played here. If not, time to step down.

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  • tonyfaefife
    9 posts
    Oct 12, 03:04
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    Am I the only one who smells something here? just how may jobs will this create when the construction work is finished and the buildings lie empty ? not to worry though as there will be plenty cash made generated from all these houses that cost about 50,000 to build and will probably retail at about 200,000, do the maths 500 x 150,000 75000000 (oh silly me, the money will probably end up in an offshore account) mind you there is and upside, its might take the pllok on the plinth award away from fife leisure park and at least the taxpayer wont have to pay for its upkeep

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  • tonyfaefife
    9 posts
    Oct 12, 20:52
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    Just how may jobs will this create when the construction work is finished and the buildings lie empty ? not to worry though as there will be plenty cash made from all these houses that cost about only 50,000 to build and will probably retail at about 200,000, do the maths 500 x 150,000 75000000 which will probably end up in an offshore account (shepherd offshore laugh out loud)

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  • tonyfaefife
    9 posts
    Oct 13, 21:55
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    just how may jobs will this create when the construction work is finished, the buildings will probaly lie empty for quite a while, not to worry though as there will be plenty cash made from all these houses that cost about 50,000 to build and will probably retail at about 200,000, do the maths 500 x 150,000 75000000 which will probably end up in an offshore account lol

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  • DunfermlineEast
    137 posts
    Oct 14, 22:08
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    There are thousands of houses still to be built off Greenshank Drive. With the poor people houses being built by Kingdom Housing facing the site the new school will be full to capacity without these additional houses. If SO will not pay for another school, planning permission should not be allowed.

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  • BobTheBuilder
    111 posts
    Oct 19, 01:26
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    Got to agree there - before any further houses get the green light FC must get its left and right hands to actually acknowledge the other one exists and do some thinking about what facilities will be needed to go with all these houses, and SO must deliver on the grand promises made. How many of the planning applications made for the DEX contained 'facilities' that never appeared - playgrounds, parkland etc - that are all passed on to the next builder, then the next, then don't appear.

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  • joesbro
    200 posts
    Oct 20, 16:09
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    Oh dear-more homes-more mortgages-glad I own my home

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