Rosyth snub as money goes to St Andrews

Published: 18 Nov 2011 08:306 comments

ROSYTH has been snubbed in favour of St Andrews for new flood prevention measures.

Now the town's community council has scheduled a public meeting after calls from affected residents demanding action on the recurring problem.

In a report to last month's meeting of the community council, chair Mike Shirkie said the funding issue was revealed to him in a phone call with locality manager Lynn Hoey.

He told the Press, "She said that with regard to flooding, financial priority was being given to St Andrews, but that she was working through a number of remediation solutions with BEAR, Sepa and other professional officers to minimise flooding.

"I told her that I was very concerned that our problems were not being given sufficient weight and another wet winter would see a repeat of the serious flooding we have had on three occasions this year to date."

At the meeting, one woman said sandbags had been in place at Bevan Place for the last nine months.

Park Road, Bevan Place and Hudson Road have been under water on a number of occasions this year following heavy rain.

The floods in Bevan Place and Hudson Road are caused by water running off the field at Castlandhill, while Brankholm Burn is blamed for Park Road's problems.

One Park Road resident, William Potter, has seen floodwater surround his house three times, since moving into his home in Park Road last May.

He said, "My wife Diane was at the (community council) meeting and people were far from happy. I realise it must cost a lot of money but they've had years to get it fixed,

"It's unbelievable. The street flooded a few weeks ago after a day of heavy rain."

Lynn Hoey told the Press that she was informed by Mike Thorpe of Fife Council's transportation services department that money was being allocated to St Andrews.

Mr Thorpe said, "The Rosyth flooding situation is quite complex. We have been approached by Rosyth Community Council to attend a public meeting at Rosyth Parish Church on Thursday 1st December at 7.30pm and transportation services is considering the request."

A £150,000 flood mitigation programme, to help prevent Kinness Burn in St Andrews bursting its banks, began recently and is expected to take up to six weeks.

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  • 376 posts
    Nov 18, 13:53
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    St. Andrews is posh and Rosyth is common; end of story. People get the government they deserve. We have to take to the streets and stand outside their door DEMANDING change!

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  • ItsErnie
    464 posts
    Nov 18, 16:36
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    Should make Jan happy though. ;o)

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  • NotHappyJan
    192 posts
    Nov 20, 20:55
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    As much as I might think Rosyth is past its use by date, I think the residents of Park Road and its surrounds have a case to for the council to answer. Its not right that they have been having these problems for years and then along comes St Andrews and it get priority.

    Perhaps a boycot of your Council Tax is in order to get the council to take action?

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  • supersonic
    271 posts
    Nov 21, 10:20
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    Kayaks for rosyth!

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  • DrewCarnegie
    75 posts
    Nov 23, 19:43
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    Surely if somebody is going to buy a house they would think what could go wrong, for example is it next to a volcano, next to factory emitting poisonous gasses, next to a motorway, or in a flood zone.

    The houses in Park Road are in a recognized flood zone on the SEPA maps, the houses in Hudson Road which back on to the field have historically flooded periodically. These particular houses in Hudson Road have a field drain to the rear which silts up every so often, so why do the land owner to the South or the residents chip together, get a JCB on hire and renew the drain, surely taking a wee bit personal responsibility for their environment and part with a few hundred quid and sort the problem for the next ten years.

    Fail to see why this is the council's problem for people not taking responsibility and others who do not research the house that they are buying.

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  • cameronsdemise
    33 posts
    Nov 25, 17:23
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    If it is only a few hundred quid to hire a JCB and clear the drains ! , How much is your Council tax £ 1,200 ?? NO BRAINER ! Stop the council junkets to foreign towns looking for something to "TWIN " with ??? That employs 2 people painting a stupid sign . (TWINNED WITH IRAQ !) 2 signs 2 people £1,000.00 materials £1,000.00 between 2 wages , how much for the junket £30k. ?Buy me a JCB , I'll do it myself fo nothing !!

    WHAT PLONKER IN THE PLANNING DEPT. Got away with planning houses on a flood plain anyway , He should be prosecuted !! Along with the Council who passed it .

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