VIDEO: Youtube video blasts speed gun pilot

Published: 19 Dec 2011 09:3017 comments

A YOUTUBE music video poking fun at Aberdour has received more than 2000 hits.

'Aberdour City Limits' mocks the idea of letting residents use speed guns to slow traffic.

It uses a version of the 1973 Tina Turner track 'Nutbush City Limits' with new lyrics, describing those promoting the idea as "nutjobs".

A man disguised in a poncho and hat - El Mano the shy guitarist - plays in various locations across the village.

Part of the song has a posh voice saying, "Hello driver, do you realise you were speeding in a middle class area?

"Under the Aberdour further powers act you will have your name put in the post office window.

"You will also be banned from the sensory garden and forced to watch a game of shinty."

The tongue-in-cheek track was made following a pilot project that will see some residents trained by police to use speed guns next year.

The video was uploaded by 'Olduncletomcobbly' who wrote that the video was "a response to the insane idea of letting residents of sleepy little Aberdour, (where dog pooing is the No 1 crime) point a speed gun at drivers".

He added, "Living in Aberdour you find a wealth of people that are 'up themselves'...the village motto is, 'no before you ask'.

"This video is dedicated to all those that want Aberdour to become a middle-class cemetery and for the amusement of those of us that want to be ALIVE in Aberdour."

The Press revealed in October that the Speedwatch pilot, a collaboration between Fife Constabulary and Aberdour Community Council, was to begin in the new year.

Volunteers from the area will use the radar guns at sites throughout the village.

But far from being vehicle vigilantes, they will not have the power to get anyone charged - only warning letters will be issued to speeding motorists.

Arthur Lloyd, chair of Aberdour Community Council, told the Press the video "was not worthy of a comment".

He added, "We're hoping to get training started in the early part of next year.

"Names have been submitted to the police and those selected will receive training early next year."


View the video on YouTube by searching 'Aberdour City Limits'

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  • tag306
    1 post
    Dec 19, 17:04
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    I'm an Aberdour resident and thought it was hilarious! I'm not one of those 'up myself' ones though! Lol

    Ps. El Mano, you look very familiar!! Hmmmm, oh yeah, I know you! Well done.

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  • BenDover
    7 posts
    Dec 19, 18:37
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    Absolutely superb, said in a posh middle class voice! Haven't laughed so much for ages. The tune was great too - maybe a bit late for Christmas number one though!!!

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  • beaker
    86 posts
    Dec 19, 18:51
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    whit a great laff, smashing, nutjobs haaaa. are they no just.

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  • Chromedome
    17 posts
    Dec 19, 19:42
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    Excellent, just.... excellent. Haven't laughed so hard for a while.

    Can think of a few places that would benefit from the same treatment.

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  • Angus
    39 posts
    Dec 19, 23:22
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    I thought they had a point, until I was told about the comment in the description ‎"take a look below for comments by the 17 year old know it all"

    How to win friends and influence people it ain't...

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  • Bungy2564
    1 post
    Dec 20, 09:15
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    I think the video is a great reaction to to nonsense of giving busybodies radar guns. If the issue of speed is so great in Aberdour, why aren't Fife Constabulary sending in Roads Policing Officers and Safety Camera Partnership vehicles to do their job rather than some people with too little to do.

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  • ElMano
    2 posts
    Dec 20, 10:17
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    I am in full support of the Fife Constabulary and the Road Safety Camera Partnership.In their words they are working to bring down death and serious injury on our roads.... But please can we be consulted first.... What statistics are there to warrant this ? I would like to know? Surely there are more visitor friendly ways of slowing drivers, traffic calming etc etc...Finally Aberdour Comunity Council Chairman "Not worth comment" says it all really ! Not prepared to even listen to others views :-( Never mind that most people in Aberdour are not in favour of this. The sequel Sweet Home Aberdour will arrive shortly to highlight the nice people of Aberdour ( majority). We are "good ol people" who welcome visitors not the small band of speed gun pointing snobs that most think we are

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  • ElMano
    2 posts
    Dec 20, 10:34
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    In response to AngusD "how to win friends and influence people it ain't" over 2000 and counting :-) which is 400 more than residents of Aberdour

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  • davie1
    38 posts
    Dec 20, 12:13
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    Surely we pay our council tax for a police service! is this not their job. What next empty our own bins?

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  • formermeemie
    1 post
    Dec 20, 13:11
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    I support El Mano 100%. I'm not from Aberdour and I don't live in the village, but I do spend alot of my time there. It's a place I'm fond of and have a good number of friends in, so not everyone is 'up themselves'. However, I'm pretty sure the ones who will be on the streets with speed guns will be exactly that. It's these people who El Mano is having a poke at. It's these people who'll be the ones messing around with speed cameras and giving motorists tersely-worded letters because they disapprove of other people's driving through the village (because let's face it, it won't just be speed guns, they'll be self-appointed 'driving experts' as well..).

    But hey, you gotta love it...!

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  • Geedoc
    53 posts
    Dec 20, 13:57
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    Can anyone cast light on what actually is supposed to happen after the bold citizen points the "thing" at the speeding motorist?...Do they run after them ? they have road blocks in place?...We have been advised the the Constabulary can issue letters,but..Will they,on the word of Tom and Dick ?????Hmmmmn

    I think a sequel video of the team in action is a must for 2012

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  • BobTheBuilder
    111 posts
    Dec 20, 19:01
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    Well, if the speeding problem is as bad as is made out then the Post Office window will be rather full, and the shinty games should have record crowds...

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  • beaker
    86 posts
    Dec 21, 12:35
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    wonder if the village is needing an idiot, there's an mp that springs to mind would be ideal for the area.

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  • laughlovelive
    3 posts
    Dec 21, 15:52
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    Brilliant! Well done to you sir...took the words right out of my mouth.

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  • ItsErnie
    464 posts
    Dec 24, 22:48
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    Hilarious! Some of the Aberdour doughties seem to think that their little corner of the kingdom is just too precious for words. (I even seem to recall someone with the odd nickname of a rabbit or some such). And how exactly could anyone speed through such cluttered thoroughfares anyway? I suppose that the old darlings think it should be restricted to gentile ladies out strolling or charabancs crawling leisurely from shop to shop. ;o)

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  • SmarmyGit
    474 posts
    Dec 29, 18:30
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    'Come to Aberdour and do all you Christmas shopping' the banner at the Braefoot roundabout proudly beckons...........

    Why, has a COSTO recently opened there like?

    As if............

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  • villageante
    1 post
    Jan 12, 13:48
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    Bravo El Mano! Who was that masked man,should make him sheriiff of Aberdour and let him round up these weary willies and ship them back to from whence they came. Probably the same crowd of wets who kiboshed the channel 4 programme. Strange there are no comments of support for this ridiculous proposal, reading difficulty perhaps.

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