Amazon jobs bring early festive cheer

Published: 7 Oct 2012 09:0018 comments

MORE THAN 1000 temporary jobs will be created at online retailer Amazon's delivery centre in Dunfermline to cope with the Christmas rush.

Recruitment for the posts is already under way and those interested in applying for a temporary role can visit

Workers will be recruited on temporary contracts to support the seasonal surge in demand in the run-up to the festive season.

However, as Amazon continues to grow many workers taken on initially on a temporary basis have found permanent positions with the company.

"On our busiest shopping day last Christmas, we saw customers order a total of three million items during one 24-hour period at a rate of 35 items every second," said Catherine McDermott, director of operations at Ltd.

"We look forward to welcoming a good number of new faces to both the Dunfermline and Gourock centres over the coming weeks as well as welcoming back temporary employees who join us every year over the Christmas period.

"We are a company in growth and when we have permanent positions to fill, it's the top-performing temporary employees that we look to."

In the last three years, thousands of UK employees initially on temporary contracts have moved into permanent roles.

At the Christmas 2011 peak, Amazon's UK fulfilment centres shipped more than 2.1 million units in one 24-hour period - a total of 1124 tonnes of goods - which meant a delivery truck left a fulfilment centre once every two minutes and 45 seconds.

The Dunfermline distribution centre was officially opened by First Minister Alex Salmond in November 2011 and has created 950 jobs.

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  • stormxxx
    296 posts
    Oct 7, 20:07
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    No thanks!!

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  • DunfermlineEast
    137 posts
    Oct 7, 21:47
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    Yeah, lots of short term, dead-end, minimum wage jobs! Am sure it suits some, those with no rent, mortgages, families, cars etc....

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  • B2theB
    538 posts
    Oct 8, 09:33
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    Better to be working than on the dole.

    Something is inherently wrong with a country when it's population sees jobs as being "beneath them".

    Now we can have immigrants come and do these jobs, same as they're doing all the other "demeaning" jobs that Scots don't want to do.

    Still, at least that'll give an excuse to moan about the "damn foreigners" tho, and how "they're ruining this country", right ?

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  • kaka30
    528 posts
    Oct 8, 10:12
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    The festive period is a busy time for the likes of Amazon & they will require more staff. Although temporary we should be glad that locals will gladly take up the posts & hopefully make their Christmases a bit easier. Im quite sure other areas in Scotland wish Amazon had built a depot on their doorstep, so lets not knock it.

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  • jollymolly
    96 posts
    Oct 8, 12:44
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    B2theB & kaka30

    Totally agree with you both..

    They want to get all those" have you got a fag man" and "have you got a few pence for a cup of tea or there bus fare" off the streets,

    and if they refuse to take those type of temporary work available.

    stop there dole money completely

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  • ningin
    99 posts
    Oct 8, 14:24
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    cant see these types applying for the jobs available.....more like some poor sods who have been left with no alternative...temporary jobs are not the answer,but as its tory is all the punters are getting.. no choice ...

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  • jollymolly
    96 posts
    Oct 8, 15:22
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    I'm no Tory admirer or voter!

    But it is those type of layabouts that should be targeted, and forced into applying for any jobs that become available...and if found out not to be trying they should be handed a Brush,,Bag and a Shovel by the Dole and made to sweep up all the litter from there address up to there nearest Dole office before they get a penny,

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  • DunfermlineEast
    137 posts
    Oct 8, 16:25
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    I see the peasants are revolting.

    Temp jobs suck the life out of people as they are sht jobs, you are treated like sht and you feel like sht. You are always better to stay on JSA and look for permanent work.

    Say 37 hours per week on £6.10 is £225.70 before tax.

    JSA is £71 per week, CTbenefit and Housing Benefit ~ £300 per week - £371 per week

    So actually not having these jobs is better financially and mentally than having no job.

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  • kaka30
    528 posts
    Oct 8, 18:45
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    I know good jobs are scarce & i also know how hard it is for school leavers but the public are sick & tired of people finding it more convenient & more financially benificial to stay on state handouts rather than go out and work.

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  • lydiapot1
    123 posts
    Oct 9, 06:41
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    What really sticks in my throat as a 50% tax payer is that I have to subsidise incompetence e.g. some police officers and procedures. I would much rather my tax money be ploughed into training people who become thorough professionals and are also wholly accountable for their actions and not self investigated when allegations are made against them. My 50% input would then be worth it.

    Good training for our young workforce is what we need for futures sake.

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  • redrobin
    333 posts
    Oct 9, 09:45
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    Jolly Molly.....two excellent comments.

    Yes it is a sweat shop at Amazon, but ur comments are spot on.

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  • TheDEXExpress
    152 posts
    Oct 9, 21:29
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    DunfermlineEast, I'm a bit surprised to see your comments. You may well be right that it may be financially more rewarding for some folk to stay on JSA and other benefits than take a minimum wage job (now £6.19 but who's counting?), but I agree with B2theB and kaka30. It's desperately sad that we are in this situation. It kills the work ethic or any concept of folk trying to better themselves. There is nothing wrong with temporary jobs as a stop-gap until you get a permanent job. I had one myself many years ago and then moved on to permanent employment. And folk should not be so quick to deride what may seem like 'dead end jobs'. McDonald's is often seen that way and I can't stand their products myself, but that company is consistently voted one of the best UK companies to work for by staff and offers rapid career progression for those who work hard.

    I'm afraid that rather than this being the Tories' fault now, it is more likely to be the doing of our near neighbour, Mr Gordon Brown, who when in power instituted an insanely complicated system of working tax credits that simply introduced enormous marginal rates of tax for many hard working families, to use his own catchphrase, that created similar disincentives to work and/or to go for a better paid job. The sooner we get a £10,000 (at least) personal tax allowance to take as many low paid folk as possible out of tax altogether and move to a much simplified benefits system so there is a real incentive on people to get a job, the better.

    In the meantime, though, those who feel strongly about Amazon's employment practices can always avoid buying from them online.

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  • kaka30
    528 posts
    Oct 10, 09:43
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    Couldent agree more DEX.

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  • ChuckD
    86 posts
    Oct 10, 10:25
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    DunfermlineEast, your maths is well off. CTbenefit and Housing Benefit wouldn't be affected because of the duration of these posts, and you'd certainly get your tax back if you hadn't earned enough over the year.

    Your retoric is the propaganda people tell themselves to avoid doing an honest days graft.

    If you can't hack doing a boring job for a month or two then you're just a useless lazy badger..

    You get forced into some crap job or training scheme after 6 months anyway. May as well get a job for 6 weeks to put it off a bit longer.

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  • Ben Dover
    17 posts
    Oct 10, 16:19
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    Dunfermline East.....

    Council Tax and Housing Benefit totalling £300 a week..... where do you live, in a mansion?! Get a grip, or more to the point, get a job ya lazy b******!

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  • DunfermlineEast
    137 posts
    Oct 10, 18:21
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    If you follow the job link to go through Industriouspeople job agency it says £6.10 PH:

    Industrious is currently recruiting for Amazon, a world leader in e-commerce for its new 1m sq ft Fulfilment Centre in Dunfermline. We are looking for Pickers, Packers and Customer Returns Processors.

    The Centre in Dunfermline will distribute a wide range of items to Amazon customers all over the UK, Europe and the World and will also provide extra capacity for an ever-increasing selection of products.

    We offer fixed term contracts of employment and temporary contract opportunities across a range of shifts to suit those looking for full and part time work.

    The standard working week is 40 hours with break allowance. Amazon operates several different shift patterns, and as the site grows the number of shift patterns is likely to develop, spreading across days, evenings & night shifts. Currently our key shift patterns are as follows:

    Monday – Friday (09:00 – 17:30)

    Saturday & Sunday (09:00 – 17:30)

    Friday – Monday (07:00 – 17:30)

    Rotational shifts working Monday - Friday (06:00 – 14:00)& swapping to Monday – Friday (14:00 – 22:00) the next week.

    Pay rate: ���£6.10 per hour, overtime at 1.5 and double time. Rules to be clarified.

    Would you like to be a part of Industrious’ team at Amazon? If so, send your CV to and we will contact you shortly to discuss your application and arrange a meeting.

    We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on board.

    Temporary, duration: Various

    Starts: Immediately

    Hours per week: 40

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  • TheDEXExpress
    152 posts
    Oct 13, 10:02
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    It's a detail that doesn't affect the argument either way, but the minimum wage rate changed with effect from 1 October 2012 to £6.19. Info on current and past rates on the Low Pay Commission website, among others. This advertisement is, therefore, now incorrect.

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  • supersonic
    271 posts
    Oct 14, 03:38
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    @jollymolly 100% bang on!

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