Come early if you can to fireworks display

Published: 31 Oct 2012 09:0014 comments

FIFE police are encouraging members of the public going to the fireworks display in Pittencrieff Park on Monday to arrive early and use public transport if possible.

FIFE police are encouraging members of the public going to the fireworks display in Pittencrieff Park on Monday to arrive early and use public transport if possible.

They are also warning of temporary road closures and parking restrictions as well as reminding the 15,000 people expected to attend the event that it is illegal to drink alcohol in a public place.

In addition, they are advising people not to bring any form of firework or sparkler to the display.

If you are driving to the event and find the council car parks are full, alternative parking may be available at Elgin Industrial Estate and the car park to the rear of East End Park, Dunfermline.

To ensure the safety of spectators leaving the event, there will be temporary road closures in place from 6.30pm at Maygate, junction with St Margaret Street and Douglas Street at the entry onto High Street.

Chalmers Street will also close at its junction with Pittencrieff Street once the City car park is full.

To keep the traffic flowing freely, there will be parking restrictions on surrounding streets and drivers are encouraged to come early to the event, park away from the town centre or to use public transport.

PC John Robertson, who is planning the policing for the event, said, "A large crowd of 15,000 plus is expected to attend and we are encouraging a happy family atmosphere.

"Therefore, we are asking people to park considerately if they are unable to use public transport, and to remember that the law against drinking outdoors applies."

Forth One DJ's will kick start the evening's entertainment at 6pm and provide musical accompaniment to the display starting at 7pm.

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  • Dunfyresident
    134 posts
    Oct 31, 12:06
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    No doubt my street (so not going to mention where it is!) will be blocked with cars, so that residents will be unable to park. In addition to that, judging from last year, lots of shouting and screaming from visitors to the fireworks, as they return to their cars. Can't people have a bit of respect and park in official car parks? Will wait and see what happens.

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    103 posts
    Oct 31, 12:48
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    Do you no think it would of been worth while telling folk what time it starts so they ken what you mean by early? Just a thought

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  • alan2431
    5 posts
    Oct 31, 13:17
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    Attention to detail neilyj, look at the last line, nuff said.

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  • Calimero
    95 posts
    Oct 31, 13:39
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    Neilyj, says in the last sentance of the article that it starts at 7pm. Forgot your reading specs the day pal?

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  • SmarmyGit
    474 posts
    Oct 31, 16:47
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    Dunfyres, the car parks are a chock foo!

    PS its only for one night in the year, yer nae that much o a grump are ye?

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    103 posts
    Oct 31, 17:43
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    Aye am gonna park in liggars place

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  • maclam
    882 posts
    Oct 31, 18:39
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    park anywhere you like , double yellow lines , pedestrianised zone , who cares the police let everybody do it every night anyway, enjoy the fireworks everybody.

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  • SmarmyGit
    474 posts
    Oct 31, 18:43
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    Nice cheery post Mac.....

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  • redrobin
    333 posts
    Nov 1, 14:12
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    What a load of ignorant comments.

    If this town is serious about going forward why close major arterial roads all at the same time playing catch up yes! but no planning...maclam u got it right.

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  • MottMottMott
    107 posts
    Nov 2, 08:59
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    Im gonna park in RedRobins garden.

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  • TheBruce
    37 posts
    Nov 2, 12:30
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    In the words of Mott him/herself ooooosh! ....

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  • Jayc182
    66 posts
    Nov 3, 18:19
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    Lol listen to the snobs moaning because other people will park in their street for 1 night

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  • supersonic
    271 posts
    Nov 4, 07:56
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    If you are not fast, you are last! I'll be parking anywhere I want!

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  • stormxxx
    296 posts
    Nov 5, 03:36
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    It's a one time a year occasion..come on u early scrooges! chill oot!! be grateful u can hear the rest of the world!!!

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