PRESS CAMPAIGN: Join our fight to keep the Pars Alive

Published: 6 Dec 2012 10:006 comments

THE Press is launching a new campaign to urge all those with the best interests of Dunfermline at heart to do what they can to ensure our city continues to have a senior football club.

CAN you imagine what it would be like if the Pars didn't exist?

No, nor can we.

Which is why, this week, the Press is launching a new campaign to urge all those with the best interests of Dunfermline at heart to do what they can to ensure our city continues to have a senior football club.

It's in all our interests to do so.

It is difficult for anyone outside the club - including the Press - to know just how perilous the Pars' current financial position truly is.

What is known is that they have stringent demands from HMRC to meet, the players haven't been paid in full for November and costs must be cut by £400,000 by the end of the season.

One thing is abundantly clear - we cannot be complacent. If we want to have a professional football club in Dunfermline, we have to support it.

We're putting our money where our mouth is - the Press is handing over £2500 to the Pars Alive group to start the ball rolling in our campaign.

And we want other West Fife businesses and organisations to join forces with the Press and the fans to do the same to help keep the Pars Alive.

You are the lifeblood of the club and never more so than now.

We want you to donate funds to the Pars Alive group. On pages 2 and 3 of this week's Press we explain more about the group, who they are and their drive to help the club.

Every penny they raise will go to the club as it becomes clear from those who run the Pars how and where it is needed most.

The consequences of not doing so are unthinkable.

Since June 1885 Dunfermline Athletic Football Club has provided a focal point for the West Fife community and its citizens.

There are many times through that illustrious 127-year history that the exploits of the Pars have put Dunfermline on the map - from the glorious European nights of the 1960s and the halcyon days of the Scottish Cup victories to more recently, when in 2004, 2006 and 2007, we went in our thousands to Hampden Park to watch Dunfermline play on Scottish football's biggest stage and into Europe again.

At those times the football club was good for Dunfermline, good for business.

Now, they need our help.

The Press Pars Alive campaign is a rallying call to the people of Dunfermline to help the club, a focal point for the efforts to do so and a starting point to get far greater fan representation at boardroom level at East End Park than there is at present.

Together, we can help keep the Pars Alive.

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  • RigPig
    73 posts
    Dec 6, 11:58
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    Hmmm, asking the people on much lower pay to fork out to help pay the wages of over rated and over paid players? Im not saying all pars players are over rated but this is just wrong, particularly at this time of year. Tell them all to sell their flashy cars that sit outside East End Park and use public transport like many people have had to do.

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  • Rodger
    2 posts
    Dec 6, 12:53
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    This might be true for footballers in England but certainly is not the case for a Scottish first division footballer. They have families and financial commitments. They are doing the business on the pitch and deserve to be paid their full wage on time every month!!

    Does this town want a professional club to support?!

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  • bbfbjbsb
    61 posts
    Dec 6, 13:58
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    Dunfermline football club is a civic institution, one which brings trade to Dunfermline and is often a talking point across the west of Fife, can anyone not remember the buzz from cup final times and the recent derby when both Raith and Dunfermline were going for promotion and played in front of a sell out at East end, the whole town was talking about it.

    Yes they are struggling as is most of scottish football, but would they be missed, yes. But before all the negative comments start, remember the impact and pressure that will be on all those who work at the club, not just the players but those who work long hours behind the scenes for an honest wage.

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  • gary0911
    12 posts
    Dec 7, 23:24
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    I have the privilege of living and working in Barcelona, where the greatest team in the world play. They would not be who they are if it was not for the people of the town young old men women. I love my home town Dunfermline and its everyones duty to look after the home team.

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  • fifechap
    45 posts
    Dec 9, 18:36
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    i know 1 ex par, who bashed my sisters car, said who he was, got her number,

    as was his fault, still has not heard form him, plays in England now

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  • stanza
    1 post
    Dec 9, 21:31
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    fifechap - that's a matter for your sister's insurance company to deal with. If the guy doesn't even play for the Pars now, I don't see what it has to do with the Press campaign!

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