Darling tells city business leaders: 'We're better together'

Published: 10 Jan 2013 09:306 comments

THE leader of the pro-UK Better Together campaign has urged Dunfermline's business leaders to help prevent independence.

Alistair Darling, chairman of the Better Together campaign visited the town on Monday as part of a listening tour.

He heard the thoughts of Dunfermline business people and put down his case for staying in the UK ahead of the referendum in October 2014.

Speaking at the Visit Dunfermline offices in the High Street, he said, "I am not arguing that Scotland couldn't go it alone - any country could go it alone.

"I'm clear that we are better and stronger as part of the United Kingdom.

"It's a positive argument that we are better as part of the UK."

Labour MP Mr Darling, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, said the economy was crucial in understanding why the UK was 'better together'.

He explained, "We have influence in the EU far above the individual parts of UK. Europe is run by big countries, not the small ones, and influence is important.

"With a larger single market, there are no barriers. The advantage of having that single unit, which is essentially the same country for tax and duty purposes, is a tremendous advantage and gives us a much bigger market than Scotland would have alone."

Read the full story in this week's Dunfermline Press

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  • SmarmyGit
    474 posts
    Jan 10, 12:17
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    Aye, like him and his lot are a better alternative.......

    Short memories folks, short memories!

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  • kaka30
    525 posts
    Jan 10, 15:07
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    Regardless of which Party Alistair Darling belongs to & whether you like that Party or not, he is speaking a lot of economic sense.

    Scotland would be a lot weaker as an independent nation.

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  • speckledtangerine
    10 posts
    Jan 10, 15:59
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    Still waiting on the "positive case" for the union.

    By the way, whilst Mr. Darling was up here on this "listening" tour he should have been in Westminster standing up for his constituents and voting against caps on benefit increases.

    He explained, "We have influence in the EU far above the individual parts of UK. Europe is run by big countries, not the small ones, and influence is important.

    The Eurosceptic right may well have us out of the EU soon. Good ane Alistair.

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  • jims007
    106 posts
    Jan 10, 16:47
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    Quisling Darling met his ex pals at the dockyard and questioned future jobs. What about the 10,000 jobs we have already lost, and the broken MOD promises. And whilst youre here, please take these subs back with you - perhaps they would fit in your cosy coat...... is that what they call a "turncoat" ;o) We dont believe your scaremongering Mr D - Bring on 2014 and a victory for democracy.

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  • freescot
    151 posts
    Jan 10, 20:19
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    alistair darling and the labour party cosying up to the tories to fight against scotlands right to independance after all it was the labour party that cheated scotland out of independance the last referendum even although the majority voted in favour of it knowing full well that they had hidden the mccrone report away under the official secrets act so scotland would not know how rich they were because the english labour party wanted to keep it for england and in so doing keep us in poverty and tell we are too poor to look after ourselves ,we are too small to look after ourselves, we are to stupid to look after ourselves , i can`t understand the scots that believe all the lies and misinformation told by this english party , only when scotland is independent can we have a scottish labour party , only then will we be able get a party that scots actually vote for in power

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  • SmarmyGit
    474 posts
    Jan 11, 09:05
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    Why is he up here and not down in the big smoke to give himself and his cronies a 32% pat on the back eh? Practically on the same day that benefits were capped at 1%

    If minimum wage was given a 32% hike that would bring it up to a more realistic £10 odds an hour.

    As Jim Royal would say - All in it together my ar*e

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