More speed bumps agreed by council

Published: 18 Mar 2013 15:0225 comments

SPEED bumps will be installed on Greenshank Drive and Aberdour Road in Dunfermline.

The City of Dunfermline area committee has agreed that the traffic-calming measures should go ahead and that objections to the proposals should be put aside in the interest of road safety.

Objectors had raised concerns that "money for roads etc should first be used to maintain them" and that introducing speed humps on roads "make them less safe".

However, council engineers reported, "Fife Council have a legal duty to undertake measures to improve safety for road users.

"One serious injury accident can result in a cost of around £185,000 whilst one fatal can cost £1.64million

"Therefore funding local safety initiatives is value for money and this type of initiative has been proven to improve safety, particularly that of pedestrians.

"Research into traffic-calming has proven that such measures have a positive impact on road safety for both drivers and pedestrians/cyclists."

In October last year, the Press reported how parents were demanding urgent action over an accident blackspot next to Masterton Primary School, with a local councillor saying traffic-calming measures were essential to prevent further collisions.

A total of £20,000 has been budgeted for the speed tables and signage.

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  • beaker
    86 posts
    Mar 18, 15:38
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  • joej2uk
    3 posts
    Mar 18, 15:50
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    They are in more need of fixing the damn potholes than wasting money and time building things that do not work. They always complain about not having any money to fix the roads, funny they can find it to waste on speed bumps.

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  • rockingrab
    5 posts
    Mar 18, 15:53
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    Typical council Aberdour Road is in no need of more speed bumps you can,t go too fast there anyway because of the potholes making it a hazard The roads in Fife are a total disgrace yet they waste money on speed bumps and tarting up roundabouts etc instead of fixing them in the first place God alone knows why we bother paying road tax seen third world countries with better roads than ours.

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  • yerhavinalaugh
    2 posts
    Mar 18, 16:25
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    Not surprised in the slightest at this useless proposal. I'm all for motorists driving safely and protecting pedestrians, but I rarely see any cars speeding on either of these roads. I'd far rather they spent the money repairing the roads and avoid car additional bills for car repairs.

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  • davejossmith
    3 posts
    Mar 18, 17:08
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    Good news for mechanics. Even more work replacing prematurely worn out suspension bushes and balljoints. £££

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  • Tradesman
    168 posts
    Mar 18, 17:36
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    If Fife Council put speed bumps on top of every pothole in Aberdour Road and Greenshank Drive, especially Aberdour Road it would slow traffic akin to a circa 10mph Motocross track.

    Fife Council should take all the money and materials earmarked for new speed bumps and use these resources to fill in the potholes and replace the missing road surfaces from the last botched repair on Aberdour Road before they install anymore ‘local councillor sponsored’ speed bumps!

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  • DrewCarnegie
    75 posts
    Mar 18, 17:44
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    Why ????

    Speed bumps when the roads are falling apart.

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  • tizzywizzy
    3 posts
    Mar 18, 18:47
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    fix the potholes first.

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  • Frenchman
    15 posts
    Mar 18, 19:37
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    I'm all for road safety but when did it become the City of Dunfermline area committee,s job to be responsible for speeding drivers, I was under the impression that it was a job for the police to control speeders and not the job of the tax payer to fund idiotic schemes such as speed bumps that has been proven not to work, let's get the police off their backsides in offices filling out numerous pointless forms and out on the streets where they should be.

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  • Ben Dover
    17 posts
    Mar 18, 20:09
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    Typical of these morons at FC, they really haven't a clue.

    Speed Bumps DON'T work, fact! White van man, bikers, buses and lorries and most private car owners don't pay any attention to them. Those of us who do slow down are the unfortunate few who can least afford to pay for the damage these useless lumps of tar do to our cars.

    Just another reason to stay well clear of Dunfermline.

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  • piroueta
    14 posts
    Mar 18, 20:26
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    so these people that say the traffic calming measures are to save money in the long run by putting bumps, road narrowing bits and chicanes in to prevent accidents.

    what about all the crashes that have occured due to these mindless measures?.

    just about every one of the road narrowing things in dunfermline and rosyth have seen an accident due to people hitting them.

    these are accidents that would not of occurred prior to them being built, but every one of these accidents will have cost the emergency services money.( which the above statement said they were to save money)

    as said above by other people , fix what we have already prior to putting in these unwanted bits of road junk, they dont work.

    they even contribute to the road surface being damaged around them.

    i have even heard of accidents due to people slowing down at them and being hit from behind by another road user,

    best bet is more police to monitor speeds, ( may even catch a drunk driver or uninsured driver, which speed bumps and safety camera vans can't ) than to waste money on these things.

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  • jdunn101
    1 post
    Mar 18, 20:40
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    They should be building a roundabout at the Aberdour Road/B981 junction where there are regular crashes rather than spend money on daft speed bumps that nobody apart from a few want and that boy racers ignore anyway.

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  • luckyj
    3 posts
    Mar 18, 21:11
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    has anyone noticed that cars speed up between the bumps , that in itself is a greater hazard.

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  • Interalia
    224 posts
    Mar 18, 21:14
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    Can someone prove where we *need* speed bumps on either road? Aberdour Road already has them near the schools and Greenshanks has heavy traffic and a strange traffic filter half way up that causes traffic jams so I cannot see where you can ever pick up to the speed limit never mind going over it and thus needed speed bumps.

    Obviously the Councillors of ''The City of Dunfermline area committee'' live in a fantasy land where the live in a 'city' full of speeding cars, when all they have is a suburban dormitory town for Edinburgh.

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  • maclam
    882 posts
    Mar 19, 01:46
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    bring them on , pity they are not the type that cover the whole width of the road , SPEED KILLS ! , and yahoo for fantasy fife council land if it can in anyway control this present crazy mindset for speed.

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  • maclam
    882 posts
    Mar 19, 01:52
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    speed bumps ! speed bumps! speed bumps ! safety " safety " safety " slow down ! slow down ! think ! think ! think"

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  • TheDEXExpress
    152 posts
    Mar 19, 15:59
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    The logic of the Council officials does seem pretty ropey.

    No-one disputes that investment in appropriate road safety measures is worthwhile - not just because it should save money as a result of reduced accidents, but also because of the rather more important matter of reducing the number of people killed and injured on the roads, with the resulting pain and suffering caused to their families.

    But that investment needs to be directed at measures that are actually going to be effective in reducing risk. Did the officials cite evidence to support their recommendations here (rather than simply asserting that there is such evidence)? Did they compare the effectiveness of speed bumps with that of alternative measures so that councillors could make an informed decision? If speed bumps are the answer, then why is it that the speed bumps that were installed on Woodmill Road near Commercial and St Margaret's Primary schools - no doubt at similarly great expense - were subsequently removed and replaced with other traffic calming measures as well as a nice new road surface?

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  • Stuartggray
    35 posts
    Mar 19, 20:52
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    Speed bumps increase traffic pollution due to extra fuel used driving uneconomically due to the bump hazards. This allows the clowncil to spend more money from central government funds to fight pollution.

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  • ParadoxStevie
    9 posts
    Mar 19, 21:01
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    More ridiculous wasting of tax payers money. It's a complete outrage that they get away with this. Road tax and and the dire state of the roads aside, drivers get taxed heavily for CO2 emissions. We're encouraged to reduce emissions yet by forcing cars to continually slow down and then accelerate the emissions from cars increase "substantially". This is a fact known by the authorities yet is completely ignored and rarely, if at all, mentioned. Typical hypocrisy that the taxpayer gets hit for.

    Rather than ridiculous so-called traffic calming measures and the hateful speed cameras it would make far more sense ploughing this money into putting more police on the roads. This would have far more positive effects on the roads and for communities in general. Lets face it, we all drive more carefully when we notice police on the roads. It would create jobs for a start which in turn would increase tax revenue. And lets face it, speed bumps and speed cameras can't spot reckless drivers or drunk drivers. Police officers do.

    Also, not only do speed bumps vastly increase CO2 emissions but, like pot holes they cause untold damage to peoples' cars. Irrespective of how slow we drive over these needless pumps, most road going cars were never built to sustain this constant pounding on their suspension. Buy hey, the public is just a cash cow so why would the powers that be even care about any of these issues?

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  • fifechap
    45 posts
    Mar 20, 09:46
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    if the council dont mend the pot holes on Hill Road, Inverkeithing there is going to be an accident

    cars are swerving to avoid the craters

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  • maccc001
    1 post
    Mar 20, 12:05
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    Speed bumps are a pain especially when the warning paint has worn off and you can’t see the speed bump. I have had my car getting the suspension bushes changed and its a 61 plate. Who pays for that the council................. no don’t think so. They are a waste of time and damage cars simply because they are not maintained and also they make drivers veer into the central area of the road which promotes collisions with oncoming traffic.

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  • JackDusty
    3 posts
    Mar 20, 18:38
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    Council's are first class experts in wasting our money.

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  • lydiapot1
    123 posts
    Mar 21, 12:20
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    It was -4 Ma Lud and black ice, erm, or now it could have been a bump. Doh, this just provides for more excuses!

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  • TheDEXExpress
    152 posts
    Mar 23, 22:23
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    It would be interesting to know where on Aberdour Road these speed bumps are supposed to be going.

    I have just received a report from Fife Council Transportation and Environmental Services in relation to the rerouting of the Canmore Primary School bus, which will now drop and collect pupils at a stop on Aberdour Road rather than on Evershed Drive. As I understand it, this change has been introduced because of congestion caused by the parking of motor cars around the school at peak time. This is an issue that an officer from Fife Constabulary stated at a meeting with parents that they do not see as a priority, albeit they appear to have taken a different view when similar issues have arisen around Pitreavie in the past. The distinction between the two cases is not clear to me. So the solution to the perceived problem is not to address inconsiderate or illegal parking, but to take a measure which could actually increase the number of cars parked around the school at peak times if the increased journey times and/or perceived increased risk to the children using the bus persuades more parents to drive their children to and from school. So much for encouraging green transport. You could not make it up.

    This report is supposed to justify to parents why this change has been implemented. In discussing possible measures that could be taken to reduce risk to the children on Aberdour Road, the report explains why speed bumps would not be appropriate. I quote verbatim:

    "Install max height speed humps. Aberdour is a distributor road we try, where possible, to avoid any vertical deflection measures on such roads, especially where there is no direct fronting priorities. The implementation of part time speed limits was provided in place of any vertical deflection measures, and this is now the standard in this situation. The existing speed cushions were only installed as the part time speed limit technology wasn't available at the time."

    In the light of that very clear statement of policy from an official somewhere in the department, it is not clear to me why they would depart from it without some sort of evidence-based justification. Presumably the policy itself is based on some sort of evidence as to what measures are most effective.

    Sadly, I have to agree with posters above that the real problem is that these substantial sums of public money are being expended because the police do not see these issues as a priority; not even for one of Fife Constabulary's famous 'blitzes', which would probably be enough to sort out the problems in this case. They are not prepared to enforce the law of the land in this respect, despite the valid point made in the story about the cost to the public purse of road traffic incidents. We have heard much from our politicians in recent years about how many more police officers there are. I genuinely wonder what they all do. Perhaps they are all engaged in telling people why they are so busy that they cannot possibly have the time to do what most people would consider to be their job. I am not confident that the switch to what is in effect a Greater Strathclyde Constabulary in April is going to make matters any better.

    The money would be far better spent on the B981 junction, as jdunn says.

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  • Alexkitty
    1 post
    Nov 24, 22:49
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    I hate these speed bumps in the end they cost me my job, I was a night h.g.v driver the noise when I bed was unbelievable I was lucky to get two hours sleep so in the end I had to stop working before I caused an accident with lack of sleep ,they don't work no one slows down they only worked for about six weeks what we need is more police on our streets .

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