BREAKING NEWS - Pars to enter administration

Published: 26 Mar 2013 14:3019 comments

PARS are set to voluntarily enter administration subject to approval from HMRC.

Jim Leishman confirmed the move after a meeting between players, staff and representatives of the players' union at the club's Pitreavie training base this afternoon.

Bryan Jackson, of administrators KPF, has been chosen to lead the administration process should HMRC, owed £134,000 by the Pars, agree to the proposals this afternoon.

Leishman also confirmed that the players are set to play in the Pars' First Division clash with Falkirk at East End Park tomorrow night, and the club could face sanctions from the Scottish Football League if administration is confirmed.

Dunfermline MP Thomas Docherty said, "As a fan of the football club and a friend to the many hardworking staff at the club I am understandably upset, like many other fans, by the news today that the club has had to go into administration.

"I have supported the club in many ways as a season ticket holder, through their corporate work and by basing my constituency office within the stadium and I hope that the club can now emerge stronger as a result of this process."

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  • muckypuppy
    16 posts
    Mar 26, 14:47
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    Nice one Masterton!

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  • stevepars
    5 posts
    Mar 26, 15:05
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    we will come back stronger as a result of this action if it gets rid of the idiots that run this club into the ground past and present YORKSTON GET BACK TO PANTO LAND

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  • molly1001
    25 posts
    Mar 26, 15:16
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    a sad sad day indeed..

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  • tuskakatema
    317 posts
    Mar 26, 15:36
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    my servces are still there for Dunfermline FC if they so wish for free

    i have allready stated that i could help to make the said club more

    profitable also the club cant just relie on fans you need more

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  • thetiger
    319 posts
    Mar 26, 17:08
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    Watch this space, liquidation and oblivion to follow.

    The key to the whole thing will be who keeps east end park, which I believe has been transferred or mr masterton.

    After the comments towards him from pars fans do you think he will just hand it over and walk away?

    Goodbye pars.

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  • Grazvfr
    2 posts
    Mar 26, 20:59
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    FAO thetiger ( or should you be called thetroller?)

    Jeez - get a life! Naebody is gaunnae bite to your fishing.

    “Trolls aspire to violence, to the level of trouble they can cause in an environment. They want it to kick off. They want to promote antipathetic emotions of disgust and outrage, which morbidly gives them a sense of pleasure.” – Tom Postmes

    “For over a decade it’s become apparent that an Internet connection and the seeming anonymity that goes with it tends to turn even the weakest of minds and muscles into a snorting web presence that boasts of the ability to take on all comers. Now, you might have to think twice before flexing that imaginary e-muscle.” – Kelly Dwyer

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  • redrobin
    333 posts
    Mar 26, 21:11
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    Grazvir...could not have put it better myself...maybe if no one rises to the bait the 'tiger' will become extinct....well his particular/pecliar variety of species anyway

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  • NotHappyJan
    192 posts
    Mar 26, 22:12
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    Its a sad sad day. I have followed the Pars all of my life and cannot imagine life in Dunfermline without them. Masterton, Yorkston et al have no interest in the club, all they care about is money.

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  • thetiger
    319 posts
    Mar 26, 22:32
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    Nae stadium, nae training ground, nae players with any sell on value, anything I've said untrue? Only a matter of time until doors shut for good.

    Grazvfr - fell about laughing at you quoting Kelly Dwyer. Very funny, but not me, I'm not trying to be annon, I'm easy to find around town. I'm the guy in the Morton top laughing at pars fans

    Did find it odd that you quoted Tom postmes, were have I aspired to violence? Please elaborate? My emotion of hilarity at Dunfermlines afc,s plight isn't for attention or to promote emotions of disgust or outrage it's my opinion which I'm entitled too thank you very much.

    I think the way the fans have deserted the club, by not turning up and supporting the cause means they deserve everything they get!

    Instead of quoting other people how about something original as it seem your the troll trying to whip up and cause trouble for me with your defamitory comments!

    The tiger - just wet myself laughing at this guy, and red robin, someone pass me an old rag to clean up, the 2012-13 pars top should do. Did any of the loyal fans actually buy any?

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  • mikemc1975
    2 posts
    Mar 26, 23:45
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    Keeping the faith.

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  • parsfan1311
    63 posts
    Mar 27, 02:36
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    a sad but not unexpected outcome, problem now being will the administrator have anything to work with? will HMRC contest the issue? still a lot to be considered. Lets hope a few more folks get out for the falkirk game, although that may only help a little. Expect that when this guy get a look at the books he will find a number of skeletons that will make life even more difficult.

    Lets hope that he can salvage something and the club can survive in some form or other as would miss the pars.

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  • stevepars
    5 posts
    Mar 27, 05:39
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    @tuskakerma - what you got to offer?? and why you hiding behind false name??

    @thetiger - get tae falkirk!! you aint no pars fan

    the people in charge should be taken to court and held responsible for their actions....... any other thief or scoundrel would have to answer to their crimes

    shoes off if you love the pars

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  • Grazvfr
    2 posts
    Mar 27, 07:51
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    Was that a bite Tiger? Yaaaaawn!

    You have a right to your opinion and the right to state it.

    Feel free to troll away that is your right, but naebody is listening to your drivel.

    You are a wind-up merchant.

    I'm sure you will come up with a stunningly erudite reply that will surely show me up for the unsophisticated pleb that I am?

    There will be no reply.

    I'm bored.

    You are a Troll.

    Naebody cares what you think. Laugh away.

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  • netbook
    61 posts
    Mar 27, 09:42
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    Tiger, wind up or otherwise it is an awful situation for any club when you take into account all of the people who may lose their jobs. Also the loyal fans who have supported them through thick and thin, turning up to every game.

    There are huge local business losses to also be taken into account when this happens.

    I have spoken to Rovers fans who are worried and saddened by this situation as derby games bring in their highest income.

    If you can't say something constructive..........

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  • kaka30
    527 posts
    Mar 27, 12:39
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    It is a real shame it has come to this but hopefully things will work out. This whole situation effects so many people, people are going to loose jobs so lets not be flippant about this. Lets just hope that The Pars can come out the other side of this, live within their means, get the crowds back to East End and put a entertaining product on the park.

    Youth is going to play a big part in the future of DAFC & by all accounts the under 20s have a few good ones in their ranks. So lets be positive and turn up in numbers tonight, Dunfermline will be a sadder place if we loose The Pars.

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  • ningin
    99 posts
    Mar 27, 14:32
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    sad day when a football club slips into the hands of administrators,but the bottom line is you pay your taxes first and then live on the afters....doesn't take an educated man to know that .....dunfermline wont be the can a financial director sit in an office and think you can lie to the HMRC....biggest problem now are the experts who are emerging from the woodwork ,and shouting i told you so .....i could've fixed it long before this....

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  • thetiger
    319 posts
    Mar 27, 18:28
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    Netbook, the pars fans haven't followed thru thick and thin, that's why they had to shut a stand whilst in premier league ( coz it was always empty!) and why they are going down the chute

    Rip pars

    Hope the cleaners and kitchen staff and groundsmen find employment elsewhere soon

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    3 posts
    Mar 28, 15:56
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  • Ivan K
    23 posts
    Mar 29, 17:33
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    When "thetiger" has gone back to school, learns to spell properly and construct sentences correctly, then realises that you can make a valid point in one post without needing to jump in on every conversation, people might start to listen.

    However, I suspect "thetiger" will continue to annoy the readers with his self-opinionated drivel at each & every occasion possible because "thetiger" believes it's more important to say something or anything than to have something (valid & sensible) to say!

    On the real issue, I feel for all those whose livelihoods may be affected by this very sad turn of events at EEP, and indeed my fellow Pars supporters. I hope some arrangements can be arrived at to keep the club going with a new administration and a reasonable availability of the ground and training facilities to the team.

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