'Travel like a star' from Dunfermline to London

Published: 18 Apr 2013 16:1513 comments

A new overnight sleepercoach service is starting between Dunfermline and London with seats that convert to beds.

A NEW over-night sleepercoach service from Dunfermline to London is being launched by Stagecoach this summer using a £5m fleet of specially-designed vehicles.

The new coaches are equipped with an interior layout that allows the leather seats to be converted into lie-flat beds and will operate seven nights a week.

The eleven pick up points include Dunfermline and Ferrytoll park and ride at !nverkeithing.

The state-of-the-art double-deck coaches boast luxury leather seats with tables, power sockets, free Wi-Fi and a toilet. The specially designed vehicles have 53 seats that convert into 42 beds.

Customers will receive complimentary refreshments during their journey as well as a sleeper kit which includes an eye mask, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

In addition, as a pilot, passengers will also be given a choice of a blanket or a onesie to sleep in during their journey.

Prices on the new services will range from £15 to £60. Journey times are comparable to existing sleeper train services, with customers able to make the trip from both Edinburgh and Glasgow to London in less than eight hours.

The launch of the new sleepercoach network follows the success of a pilot route between Glasgow and London using refurbished vehicles fitted with bunk beds.

Stagecoach Group Chief Executive Sir Brian Souter, who today unveiled the first of the new coaches in London, said, "It used to be just pop stars that had beds on board their tour buses - now everyone can benefit from a comfortable, great value overnight journey.

"You can go to sleep in one city and wake up in another ready to start the day without having to pay extra for an expensive hotel room."

The coaches will depart from Dunfermline at 10pm and arrive in London and 6.50am.

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  • This comment has been removed by our moderation team because it didn't meet our community guidelines.

  • sharlee
    1 post
    Apr 18, 16:40
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    when can we strat to book this bus as am looking to go to london at some point in the summer

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  • acm9122
    31 posts
    Apr 18, 17:09
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    I used the sleeper from Inverkeithing to London on regular basis it is fantastic and would recommend to everyone. aarrived relresghed at 7.30am I got 4.30 back from Kings cross and arrived home before most heathrow flights, and also had lovely meal.

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  • eddycurrent
    4 posts
    Apr 18, 17:39
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    Is the Karl Pilkington or Brian Souter in the picture?

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  • denimbunny
    1 post
    Apr 18, 18:44
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    This is a fantastic idea! As my boyfriend lives/work in London and I live in Dunfermline so this will make things much easier! ;)

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  • Mikeintheknow
    43 posts
    Apr 18, 19:06
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    Falkirk - Departs 2120

    Dunfermline - Departs 2200

    Ferrytoll - Departs 2215

    Edinburgh - Departs 2300

    London - Arrives 0650


    London – Departs 2300

    Edinburgh – Departs 0700

    Ferrytoll – Departs 0745

    Dunfermline – Departs 0800

    Falkirk – Arrives 0845

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  • Flindersview
    21 posts
    Apr 18, 22:22
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    I think it would be terrific. When I think of the times when I took the coach from Edinburgh to London and it took hours as then there where no new roads by- passing the little towns-however it was rather nice seeing all the litte towns and vlilages.

    Of course I am talking about the 50's - a long time ago

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  • Catlady57
    39 posts
    Apr 18, 23:12
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    I cannot comment on this new service but I am appalled at the level of literacy of people who comment on this page.

    Do people not know that if you type something and there is a red squiggly line appears under a word that this is telling them that there is a spelling error?

    acm9122 who aarrived relresghed must have had a very interesting journey!

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  • kennya62
    40 posts
    Apr 18, 23:45
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    Catlady57 is 100% correct,people don't pay attention,or can't spell to start with!

    Sign of the times,I'm afraid.Young people spend years at school and leave without the basic ability to spell or count.

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  • supersonic
    271 posts
    Apr 19, 01:13
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    Catlady57 and kennya62 have you two heard the term "troll"

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  • markg73
    6 posts
    Apr 19, 11:05
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    "53 seats that convert into 42 beds" - so what happens to the eleven people who don't get a bed?

    @catlady - you should have left the words "there is" out of your second paragraph and the sentence would scan better. People in glass houses etc. (teehee!!)

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  • Elena123
    11 posts
    Apr 19, 19:28
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    Erm, even you made a typo, Catlady57: 'aarrived'? Clearly this was just a mistake, so can you not allow that the person who typed 'relresghed' did the same thing as you? I doubt either word was intentional but we know what was meant. There is a difference between typos and bad spelling.

    Back to the story - hope this takes off; it's a good idea.

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  • redrobin
    333 posts
    Apr 20, 07:32
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    Interesting that the moderator removes 2 comments which were critical of the accuracy of the above report. albeit the comments were only telling the truth and contained nothing which caused offence.

    Is it perhaps a Dads Army moment and 'they don't like it up em'

    Proves the point 'amateur reporting'

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  • supersonic
    271 posts
    Apr 20, 21:46
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    Bring back triskel!

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