A PENSIONER exposed himself to his neighbour and her daughter because he thought they fancied him.

Yung Sang Li, of Carrbridge Drive, left his victim physically sickened after the incident on November 19, 2015.

The 63-year-old was spotted by his 48-year-old neighbour staring into her property after she opened her bedroom curtains around 12pm.

After seeing Li, she called her daughter, aged 23, into the room to confirm whether he was looking into their home.

The daughter also saw him staring into the bedroom.

To find out whether he was definitely looking at them, she waved at Li, to which he waved back and smiled.

The witnesses laughed nervously and the pensioner started to laugh as well.

Following the brief interaction, Li then started to remove his trousers and expose his private parts to the shocked women.

He began swinging his genitals about while continuing to stare at the witnesses.

The police were thereafter contacted and visited Li’s home address.

When he opened the door, he stated: “I’m sorry I made a mistake, I thought someone fancied me.”

Li appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to intentionally exposing his genitals in a sexual manner to the two women, with the intention that they would see.

It was noted that he stared into the opposing flat, stood at the window to expose his genitals, swung them about and moved to another window and continued to expose himself.

The procurator fiscal depute told the court that one of the witnesses has been “physically sickened” by the incident.

Li’s defence agent told the court that he has been a widow since 1997 and leads an isolated life.

He added that he had “made a misjudgement which is unlikely to ever be repeated”.

Sheriff McConnell described the incident as an “upsetting experience” for the complainers.

She ordered the pensioner to pay a fine of £350 and decided against placing him on the Sex Offenders register.