Governor Walker of Wisconsin has adopted a reverse 'Robin Hood' approach to economic policy. Take from the poor and give to the rich. Wealthy corporations have been given huge tax cuts which are to be paid for by concessions from the Public Employee Unions.

The Tea Party supported Republican Governor in Wisconsin, and in the other Republican controlled States are fighting to render Unions impotent by denying them the right to collectively bargain. Illinois has already enacted a law prohibiting Public Employee Unions the right to bargain.

The majority of Unions have agreed to financial cuts and concessions. Given our economy, it was the right thing to do. Denying Unions the right to collectively bargain does absolutely nothing to the State budget. It doesn't cost one plugged nickel, whatever that is.

State employees in Madison, Wisconsin are in week four of their demonstration at the State Capital. Firemen, teachers, police officers and nurses have been picketing the Capital building despite threats from the Governor to have them removed. The fourteen Democratic State Senators who are in hiding out of State, have had arrest warrants issued by the Governor to force them back to Wisconsin and have the legislation passed. They are also being fined a hundred dollars a day, had their offices locked and the Governor, in a bold move, confiscated their parking places.

Governor Walker also will not let Democrats use the copy machines in the Capital building. The history of the Trade Union movement since the 1920's secured safer working conditions, restricted child labour and secured better pay and benefits for workers. Post-WW1 saw an international demand for the rights of the working class on both sides of the Atlantic.

Why would this obscure first (and last term) Governor in Wisconsin handle this political kryptonite and take on Trade Unions? Taking a political stance which is overwhelmingly opposed by the public, guarantees he will never get re-elected.

The answer is very simple. The Republican Party have taken the kamikaze approach to furthering their agenda and will sacrifice re-election bids in order to push their anti-Union legislation through. Republicans have apparently 'Just Gone Wild'. Supporting Corporate America and not middle-America is a Republican agenda. It's where the money is.

Americans hate to give up rights. Attacking Unions is an attack on the middle-class. The Republican Governor in Wisconsin is now facing down the very people who put him in office and it's not pretty.

The latest news out of Wisconsin is that the State Legislature has illegally passed the Anti-Union legislation. Wisconsin is officially now a One Party System of Government.

That's a sad state of affairs for Democracy and the working class.

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