Disasters and bad news came in three's this year. 2011 Earthquake here in Washington DC, Hurricane Irene and former VP Dick Chaney's tell-all book. I haven't read his book and probably never will. VP Chaney's book is a classic example of trying to rewrite history before he ends up on the wrong side of grass.

Mr Cheney's book now dominates the number fifty three position on the NY Times best seller list. The book should really be listed in the fiction section in bookstores.

The Republican Party continues to push their far right agenda, which is basically, 'every man for himself'. Taking back the House on a platform of Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs, the Republicans immediately pushed forward collectively with plans to dismantle Unions in America and abolish or defund every beneficial social programme in the US.

Making it illegal for Public Employees to collectively bargain was number one on their agenda. Fortunately in Ohio this was a statute which was defeated by a ballot referendum and the right to strike and bargain for wages and benefits was given back to the workers.

Next on the Republican agenda, is voter reform. Basically these are statutes enacted by States who have a Republican majority in their House and Senate and are aimed at discouraging predominantly Democratic voting areas from voting, or at least make it very difficult for voters.

College students tend to vote Democratic, therefore college ID cards are no longer accepted as proof of identity at the polling station. Senior citizens who no longer drive, can't use their long gone drivers license and have to have a government issued ID in order to vote. Southern churches who have chauffueured their African American members on Sunday to vote can now no longer do that as Sunday voting has been abolished in some states.

Voter fraud has to be one of the rarest crimes reported. In the aftermath of a close election, losing candidates are often quick to blame voter fraud for the results. Hardly a crime wave which deserves changing the law. Obviously the reform is to discourage the opposition party voters from voting. This is a distasteful strategy to rig an election.

With the exception of Ron Paul, the current candidates in the Republican campaign, have vowed to bomb Iran if elected President, after a symbolic embargo of course. Running on a political platform of promising to bomb another country if elected, is a rather bizarre and unique political position. The American people are tired of Iraq and Afghanistan and how they, and their allies were duped into starting a War which only made contractors and corporations very wealthy. If Iran doesn't have nuclear capabilities after 2012, just like the WMD false intelligence, a Republican President will 'discover' them there too. It's very unlikely that this will be a NATO or coalition led campaign. Just like in Vietnam the UK will adopt the 'include us out' position.

I try not to make predictions, particularly about the future, but the Republican Party are in the middle of a political 'Custer's Last Stand', with American voters circling the political gravy train. It is quite possible and likely that the Republican Party after the 2012 elections will fade into obscurity and irrelevance.

That's a good thing for America. Across the Pond Follow 'Across the Pond' on Twitter: www.twitter.com/fraefife