Republicans have adopted a new strategy to manipulate the election by accusing voters of fraud. Governor Earl Long's quip: "When I die, I want to be buried in Louisiana, so I can stay active in politics," is in reality, nonsense..

Voter election laws in States controlled by Republicans require photo IDs', reduced early and write-in voting and of course legally allowing voters to be intimidated at the polls are now the law. Overturned in Pennsylvania where it was found that Voter Fraud was a non-existent crime. Poor people and elderly voters tend to be the one of the groups who do not have, or need government issued IDs. Latinos and minorities also fall into this category. These people tend to vote Democratic, hence the voter suppression strategy.

Is America better off than we were four years ago? That's a popular question raised by Republicans. I think we are, although Bin Laden and Khadaffi might disagree. General Motors is thriving and our No 1 enemy sleeps with the fishes.

Candidate Mitt Romney who was an active supporter of the War in Vietnam in College, headed off to France while his class mates served in rice paddies and the jungles of SE Asia. Being a Mormon does have some benefits. His father who was also a Presidential candidate never served in WWII and none of Mitt's sons or grandchildren will ever serve, as they have conscientious objector status.

The thought of a Commander in Chief who has no qualms about sending sons and daughters to war, but refuses to send any of his own family is abhorrent. Will Rogers never met a man he didn't like, well Republicans never met a War they didn't like. Veiled threats to Iran that the Romney led US Government will attack them are disturbing. We need another War like I need another credit card.

Iran can dabble in refining weapons grade uranium until the cows come home. Without something to put it in, and deliver a warhead is another matter. Iran's Mullahs have their own problems with a spiraling economy, isolated trade with the West and social discontent. Meddling in the civil conflict in Syria is another precarious move. The revolutionaries we arm today could turn on us tomorrow, using the very weapons we provide them. The counter insurgents in Afghanistan are locals we at one time trained and armed.

Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia should have taught us to stay out of the internal affairs of other countries. These countries are perfectly capable of deposing their own leaders without our help.

We should always be careful who we arm. Our friend today could be our enemy tomorrow.

The definition of democracy is those with the most power listen to those with the least power. That would be us.

Regardless of which side of the Atlantic you live, I really encourage everyone to vote.

Across the Pond