Money can't buy love. It also can't buy the ballot box either. Billionaire donors to Republicans are furious over the defeat of Candidate Romney and a hoard of Tea Party Senate hopefuls. A zero return on investment is not what these donors, many of them anonymous, had planned.

Before Mitt Romney's foot had hit the last step of the podium where he gave his concession speech, all credit cards for his campaign staff were cancelled. Secret Service agents returned to Washington and Romney is now free to visit his money in the Cayman Islands.

Despite being Cash-Whipped, Mitt Romney was unable to win the popular vote and only succeeded to win the usual predictable backwards states. Sad end to a campaign which cost close to a billion dollars. Billionaire donors who, thanks to a change in campaign funding were able to give huge amounts to a candidates proxy agents are now standing in line wanting their money back. The original donors expected to receive beneficial legislation which would curtail union activities, environmental regulations to be rolled back and of course Wall Street is unhappy with the rest of the world looking over their shoulder.

Thanks to a change in election laws billionaires can give unlimited money to support campaigns. The idea being that the White House could be bought and controlled by a few wealthy men. Unfortunately they under estimated the power of Grass Roots support, unions and voters who are not that na�ve. Gays, Guns, God and women's right to control their own health care have slipped down in the 'to do' list on the Republican Political Agenda. Continuing to exist as a Party is paramount. A Party of aging white men who have their own self interests at heart can't survive and will pass into obscurity or irrelevance.

So who is to blame for Romney losing the Presidency? Hurricane Sandy, NJ Governor Christie and unfair attack ads are all being blamed. Republicans should really follow the advice of Pogo, "We have met the enemy, and them is us". The Republican Party nominated a candidate even his own Party has disdain for. Candidate Romney brought back memories of Nelson Rockefeller who once during a Senate Hearing turned to an aide and asked "What is take home pay?". Born with silver spoons in their mouths, neither Rockefeller or Romney understand the plight of the middle class or working man. It isn't easy to vote in the US in Presidential Elections. Each State controls the voting procedure and in Florida, which has an abysmal record of voting integrity, waiting for several hours to cast a ten page, small print voting sheet is the norm.

Candidate Romney snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Fortunately reason prevailed and we now have President Obama for another four years.

After campaigning for six years I think we have seen the last of Mitt Romney. There's hope for the United States yet.

Across the Pond