GOOD always comes from bad and the Dunfermline Athletic Supporters Club Shop and Tea Room is a prime example of that.

Known affectionately as Marv’s Emporium, it started as a way of raising cash for the Pars during their financial troubles and subsequent administration in 2013, with fans donating tops and other pieces of memorabilia to help the club during their time of need.

Long-time fan Marvyn Stewart was given three shirts to get the ball rolling and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

For many fans, popping in for a cup of tea and a bite to eat has now become a matchday tradition, with an array of hot drinks and snacks on offer.

Football supporters have donated a large assortment of items, including Pars tops and shirts from clubs home and abroad.

Known to friends and family as Marv, she told Press Sport that she was always looking for donations.

She said: “A man from Dunfermline brought his wife and kids over from America and they ended up leaving with 19 shirts as the kids both play football all the time! We’re getting a bit low on shirts and memorabilia so it would be great if fans could contribute to us.

“We’ve had fans from all over the world coming in from countries like Sweden, Germany and Japan. It’s not just for Pars supporters either, we have shirts from all over. I email other supporters clubs and post on their forums to let them know we’re here, and we’ve received great praise from visiting fans like Hearts and Hibs.”

Marv was also quick to thank the club chairman and everyone who has helped make the shop and tea room a success over the years.

She added: “Ross McArthur, Bob Garmory and Jim Thomson have truly been excellent with us. We also have a brilliant volunteer team, with, at the very least, 10 names always able to call on for help. The community have been fantastic with donations, too, and since a year past December, we haven’t had to buy any tea, sugar or coffee! The support we’ve had has been amazing.”

The DASC office is situated within the facility at the west end of the Main Stand and bookings can be taken from there for their supporters bus for away games, as well as providing membership forms for the DASC.

The shop is open on a Thursday from 11am-1pm, with the Friday lunch club running from 11am-2pm with a tasty menu always on the cards.

On matchdays it’s open from 12pm right up to kick-off with cakes, drinks, sandwiches and more, providing the perfect treat before the action gets under way.